Knitting and a Movie
Monday, June 30, 2003
      ( 5:50 AM ) Rebecca  
I finished my easy purple tank last night while watching Frida. I think it's fun.

I also knit a swatch for a sweater that I am designing. It's in Berroco Bluefaced Leicester in the most lovely purple shade. Unfortunately this yarn is discontinued, which is unfortunate because it is so lovely and soft. Since I am mainly designing this sweater for personal use, as long as I could find enough of the yarn to work with I'll be OK, but my LYS only has 5 skeins. So my new quest is to find more of this yarn.

No photo at the moment of the swatch, I forgot it in my excitement to take pics of the tank top. #


Friday, June 27, 2003
      ( 5:34 PM ) Rebecca  
Moon jellies and tank tops
Well, we had enough of this 90+ degree weather so I decided to take the kids to the beach. Grabbed the tank top I am knitting and beach paraphenelia and we were off. It was lovely weather, the water was actually NOT ice cold. (Now, most normal people may have thought the water was ice cold, but I grew up on the Long Island Sound and so I have a different definition of cold. However, it was warmer than I expected this time of year, and it was lovely considering how hot it was out. In fact, my mother's pool was colder the other day than the ocean was today.) The nice water did not come without a cost, however; the ocean was FULL of jellyfish. You had to carefully look when swimming to make sure you weren't going to run into one.

I learned two things today. One was from a little boy. About 90% of the jellies were moon jellies which apparently either don't sting or most people don't feel the sting. (When I was little, I was afraid of ALL jellyfish, just in case.) He had a bucket full of them, probably 15 or so. He and his sister picked them up out of the water to show them around. Jellyfish are such fascinating creatures, I love to watch them swim.

The other thing was bulky cotton yarn tank tops are wonderful to knit at the beach. No worrying about sand sticking to wool fibers. This was great beach knitting, and when I wasn't playing with the kids I was able to work on my tank top. Hopefully I'll have it done by the end of the weekend. Now I'm hooked on summer knitting and I am seriously considering knitting the Smooch tanktop from Rowan All Seasons Cotton, which so many people are doing as a knit-along. #


Thursday, June 26, 2003
      ( 4:26 AM ) Rebecca  
Wow, they changed the format of Blogger. Hope that doesn't mess up my previous posts.

After weeks and weeks of cold rainy weather, it's been 90 for the last 2 days. Not your ideal wool knitting weather. UGH. The A/C in the office isn't working so I can only stand it in here until about 11 AM. (If only I had portable networking.)

I got a pair of pants at the Army Surplus and am in the process of turning them into a skirt. I thought that would be an EASY project, just rip out the inseams and sew a triangle between them, right? I've seen plenty of skirts like that at expensive women's clothing stores like Express. Well, I completely forgot about the crotch and how there is that little notch that comes out. So I did lots of sewing, and seam ripping because it didn't look right. Finally I took out the crotch seams and now it lays much more flat. I'm just trying to decide if I want the funky look with the fabric flap on the outside, or if I want to cut it so it's straight and have a more classy looking thing.

I also started a summery tank top with my "I can't resist" sale yarn I bought the other week. It is a bulky weight cotton with all shades of lavender. Being that purple is my favourite colour I just couldn't resist, so I am making a brain-dead tanktop from The Yarn Girls' Guide to Simple Knits. Hopefully it fits OK when I am done, if it comes out dreadfully perhaps I won't post pics. Or just not on, anyway. I've already got one side knitted and am well onto my way for the second. I still have been having the problem of most of my knitting time has been riding in the car, so no complex projects. Oh well.

As the kids are out of school, I got a copy of The Knitted Farmyard which I thought would keep them entertained constructing it. (Knitted animals and buildings, latch-hooked land, it's pretty cute). My son wanted to start latch-hooking the grass, and I realised we had no light green yarn kicking around. So I looked through my dyeing books and saw that SUPPOSEDLY elder leaves make a light green dye. Seeing as we have an elder growing kind of wild in the yard, I figured it could spare some leaves. I had a 4-oz skein of white yarn, so I mordanted it with 1 oz of alum and 1 T of cream of tartar. Meanwhile, I picked 4 oz of elder leaves, which we boiled in the pot with the yarn the next morning. It is in no way and shape green, but it is a lovely light yellow shade.

Here are some pics of the dyed yarn, plus a really cute model.



Monday, June 16, 2003
      ( 6:35 AM ) Rebecca  
I finished my lace socks, I've called them Mrs. Peacock's Socks , because the lace pattern is called Peacock Fan or something like that. My inspiration for them was on Easter I had no nice socks to wear with the sundress I wanted to wear, and it was too cold for sandals, so I wanted white lace socks. They would be fun in black as well. My LYS doesn't believe in non-patterned sock yarn, so I had to dig through the cotton bins and found Reynolds Saucy. I made them ankle socks, you could make them taller if you wanted. The pattern repeats are pretty short so it's easy to adjust the height.

Hopefully my written pattern is clear, it's geared to people who have knit socks before and know how to place stitches on double pointed needles and do Kitchener Stitch. Also, is RTF a good format for people? I have Mac OSX, so it just prompts me to download, but I think on Windows it will just open in the browser for you. I thought this way it would be easier to print out than in HTML, and I don't have Acrobat so I can't generate PDF files.

Here are the photos:



Friday, June 13, 2003
      ( 9:11 AM ) Rebecca  
No knitting pictures, but finally got some pics of the bunny before the last time he got a haircut:



Thursday, June 05, 2003
      ( 7:55 PM ) Rebecca  
Not a lot of knitting news. I am working on sock #2 for my designed socks (still need to post pattern and picture) and my 2 circular needle sock is ready to turn the heel. I was going to work on it yesterday when fighting a migraine but I figured the only knitting I could handle in that state was just mindless, not turning a heel. Finally got my Addi Turbos for the sweater, but it's supposed to be spring (almost summer) so I feel silly to work on it. I HOPEFULLY wouldn't get a chance to wear it before it gets warm, it's been so cold and rainy. I don't like the heat, but I do hope we get SOME sun soon. My poor tomatoes are sitting around waiting to go in the ground. Meanwhile the Argyles are sitting around feeling neglected since I have been so busy that when I have time to knit I just want to not focus (or it's in the car and intarsia in the car is just not a good combination). I promise to get some pictures posted! While I've been busy with work, DH has been busy making Flash toons and when he is in the creative zone you can't steal his focus for things like taking better digital photos, for example.

I also have this month's quilt block to post when DH is available for photo assistance. (Give me a SLR camera any day, these auto focus auto everything cameras just WON'T take good pictures for me!)

Meanwhile while taking his laptop to the shop to get looked at, I went to the yarn store across the street in search of one skein of Lopi to finish my son's Harry Potter scarf (I had miscalculated when buying yarn and can't find a replacement yet.) Didn't find that, but found some really cute purple bulky cotton yarn, so maybe I will make a tank top or something for summer for my next mindless project. (I need to get some more energy here so that I can have more energy for fun complicated projects, which are way more rewarding.)

Oh, and on more sewing news, I FINALLY cut out the fabric for the Renaissance dress (I picked View 2 by the way) I am making for my brother's wedding. I'm hoping to make a little page dedicated to this project so I can show one of my friends who loves making Renaissance era clothing. I want to post photos of the fabric and then as I sew it together I will post pictures. #



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