Knitting and a Movie
Thursday, August 28, 2003
      ( 7:26 PM ) Rebecca  
Goodbye, beach!
The kids and I made one final beach trip yesterday. It was a lovely day for it, no jellyfish, hardly any people (I guess a Wednesday at the end of the summer is a good day to go), the water was cold but nice. The air was a bit cool, the kind of weather where you wish you brough an old oxford to wear over your swimsuit after getting out of the water. Still lovely.
So I did the last of my beach knitting for the year and got some more work done on Smooch.

I hope the neckline isn't too low, I am doing it as written... everyone else seems to have done crazy modifications, and I'm just trying it as is. We shall see if I have to tear the whole thing apart when I am done and rework the neck.

On a movie note, rent The Majestic. Such a sweet story, and the poor film did TERRIBLY. Jim Carrey proved he could be a real actor, and nobody noticed. #


Tuesday, August 26, 2003
      ( 7:39 AM ) Rebecca  
Now back to your regularly scheduled program
I finished the hats, so I am back on Smooch.

I found the little leaves don't stick up for me like they do in the pattern photo, maybe I need to tack them up. Anyone else ever knit this pattern and have any advice?
Yarn used was a combination of Laine Borgosesia superwash wool (the leaves and the mulberry coloured berry) and Garnstudio superwash wool (the redder berry).
I hope my friend likes the hats.



Friday, August 22, 2003
      ( 9:53 PM ) Rebecca  
And now for something completely different
I took a brief interlude from my other works in progress to make the second baby hat for my friend that is having twins in October. She had a blessingway tonight and the imminence of that reminded me that I needed to do the second hat. (The reason I didn't do both hats at the same time is that they are Fiber Trends raspberry hats for twins, and I wanted them to be in different colours since twins always have MATCHING things. I had the hardest time finding a worsted weight superwash wool that was a good raspberry shade and still looked all right next to the other raspberry colour). I started it during the end of Cherish (a funny indie film with fun editing), and then worked on it during Ordinary Decent Criminal (which proves that not all Irish gangster films are about the IRA). However, I had to frog a bunch of it because I did the decrease too soon so it wasn't the same size as the other one. (This is a blessing in disguise because I forgot how to do the weird technique that gives the bobble-like texture, so now I can do it properly).

(will post pics shortly) #


Monday, August 18, 2003
      ( 11:20 AM ) Rebecca  
Home again, home again
I clicked my heels three times, and I was home. Well, no, we drove for 15 hours or so yesterday. It was a fun time, got less knitting done in the car than I had expected. The Kentucky State Fair was fun, although I missed the racing pigs. The wedding was great, no chicken dances or any of that baloney. Lots of neat costumes.

I finished step 4

and started step 5.

Step 5 involves 2 celtic cable panels, 26 stitches apart. When I went to continue on step 5 after finishing the second panel, I realised that they are 13 stitches apart. OOPS! So now I have to clip & graft, or re-knit the whole panel.

I also left home a pair of needles I wanted for one of the projects I brought along. So here's what else I worked on:
An afghan square for charity (see Free Patterns for the pattern)

The beginning of the front of Smooch (looks kind of like the back, doesn't it?)



Tuesday, August 12, 2003
      ( 4:41 PM ) Rebecca  
Off to Kentucky
We start out in the morning (EARLY).

Here's something my brother wants everyone to do while we're down there.

Made a stupid mistake with Mystery Project so I have to frog a few rows... if I get a minute to finish it will post pics with the finished step, otherwise will post the almost finished step. #


Monday, August 11, 2003
      ( 12:53 PM ) Rebecca  
Well, I worked on the Mystery Project some more while watching The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, such a cute classic film. I've been loving the sewing but pining away for knitting, so it was nice to have a break. I'm so close to done with this step so I MAY wait to post pics till it's done.

Oh, and I finished hemming the dress:

If I HAPPEN to have time later today or early tomorrow, I'd LIKE to put this ribbon trim around the edge of the overskirt bodice. It would look so nice.


Saturday, August 09, 2003
      ( 5:02 PM ) Rebecca  
Hemming and Hawing
No pics today.... too tired to try modelling the dress. All hooks and eyes are sewn in, so I can actually wear it. Just finished sewing the hem for the overskirt, need to hem the underskirt now but I will save that for tomorrow. I've decided I REALLY want a dress form. Maybe I will post pics of the Mystery Project mid step 4 later... I have been able to work on that a little here and there.

We leave for Kentucky on Wednesday early morning. So the dress has to be done by Tuesday. However, I'd really like it to be done tomorrow, we'll see if that will happen. It would be a great relief. (I also whipped up some muslin shirts and a pair of cotton breeches for the kids, but will spare you all the pictures. They are passable but in no way could be considered artistry of any kind.) #


Thursday, August 07, 2003
      ( 2:50 PM ) Rebecca  
Dress Stress
I've been furiously sewing on hooks and eyes today for putting it all together. I need to figure out how to "turn over and whipstitch" the seam allowance for the bodice, since it is a horrible frayed mess. I think I may buy some black bias tape and encase it in that.... not really sure what to do. I also need to sew the hooks and eyes for the stomacher on and hem the whole thing, so I can't try it on just yet, but here's a sneak preview:

The couch does not make a very good model. Just like they say in the stores, it looks better on. #


Wednesday, August 06, 2003
      ( 5:15 PM ) Rebecca  
Be very a-frayed!
I've been spending the day hand sewing again. The very frayable fabric (that I still love, despite this annoying idiosyncrasy it has) made it very hard to sew the underskirt to the bodice back as instructed. So I machine sewed it, half of it didn't stick because the bodice seam allowance was so badly frayed, and I hand sewed the holes. (Despite all my whingeing this is STILL a fun project, honest!) I then discovered I needed different ribbon for sewing the hook-eyes onto the underskirt, so yet another fabric/notions related trip was necessitated. This time, Wal-Mart (because it was closest, and I was just getting bias tape). The count is now at 7 trips. I decided to work on the lacing ring sewing for a while, so I completed one sleeve (lacing rings and hem) and am about halfway through the other.
Bad photo, but here's another teaser.... the finished sleeve:

The only thing good about the photo is the colour comes across pretty accurately here. I couldn't get the sleeve to lie attractively there on the futon; the futon stuffing kept bunching up and making the sleeve not lie flat. (I also just realised the futon pattern looks slightly similar to the underskirt. Well, shades of gold, floral... maybe it's just late.)
So much done, so much lies ahead...
I found another error in the pattern (pretty major one, skipping steps). If anyone decides to make this dress, you can always ask me for tips, but I also started a mini-page on the dress where the detailed errata is posted. A lot of the info there is redundant with what I posted on the blog, but figured the page would be easier to bookmark if someone else was going to make the dress.

Back on track with knitting, last night I took a dress break to watch Bride of the Monster (cheesy Ed Wood movie, but aren't they all? It has the classic scene with Bela Lugosi struggling with a rubber octopus) and finally start step 4 of the Mystery Project.


Tuesday, August 05, 2003
      ( 2:50 PM ) Rebecca  
For a little teaser on the underskirt fabric of the Renaissance dress, here is the stomacher (still need to stitch the bottom):

I went for the long drive and got my brass lacing rings, which are intended for use with Roman Shades apparently if anyone is looking for them. I also resewed the overskirt to the bodice. Maybe I can take an in-process picture if I can figure out what to wear under it without looking completely silly. (Somehow jeans shorts and a teeshirt under a Renaissance overdress is just too weird.) #


Monday, August 04, 2003
      ( 8:46 PM ) Rebecca  
I got a fun package from Scotland today... project to start when these summer projects wrap up. The dog thinks it smells exciting.

Argyles have turned into ankle socks (due to various pattern issues) and I am working on the heel now.

I finished the back of Smooch while watching The Muse which had a great cast and many funny moments but sadly fell flat.

I finally figured out the sleeves for the dress with the help of my mother. The instructions were poorly written and there was an error (which you had to sew the sleeves in wrong and see how bad it was to find). The bodice is sewn to the overskirt but I am going to re-stitch it because the seam was too narrow and the gathering stitches show through. I also went on a wild goose chase for lacing rings for the sleeves (seeing as I have a week and a half to finish construction so no time to hand-sew eyelets... grommets are neither period-accurate NOR will they work with this fabric that frays so easily). I finally tracked some down at a Joann Fabrics about 40 minutes from me. I wish there were ONE store where I could get ALL materials for my dress. I think I have been to fabric stores for dress-related shopping a total of 5 times already, so this will be 6.

Meanwhile I've been waffling on step 4 of the Mystery Project because I wanted to pick contrasting yarn from my stash and can't decide. #



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