Knitting and a Movie
Tuesday, December 16, 2003
      ( 7:09 PM ) Rebecca  
Smock, Smock, Smock
There is a Calvin & Hobbes cartoon where one of them (must be Hobbes) says "Smock. I just like the sound of it."

I actually finished the smocking, although the picture belies that since I finished while waiting for the computer to do stuff, but here's the general idea:

Also, did another pattern bit in the bear sweater. I really like the colourway. The medium blue is a bit too dark and it's hard to realise there are three blues, not two, but I love the shades of orange and how they look against the blues.

Besides work, and knitting, and the regular household chaos, I've been cursing at and playing around with Emusic. My daughter was given a non-Apple MP3 player by a relative so that she can stop listening to the same 3 CDs over and over again. Since it's not an iPod, it won't work with iTunes downloaded music, so I tried Emusic. They have kind of a cool service, the first 50 songs are free, then you get so many a month for a flat rate. (I think it's 45 for $9.95.) And the good news (for me anyway, it didn't help her very much) is they have all those weird 80's songs that were so hard to find in the music store back in the day. I was able to find a few things there she liked as well. The really annoying bit is with about half the songs I had to download them repeatedly in order to get them to actually work. I'm sure it's that their Download Manager software that you have to use since the files are specially encoded and then get converted into MP3s. I'm not sure it's worth the aggravation to be a longtime member, but maybe I'll be a member long enough to track down all the obscure songs.

Oh well, time to dig out the crochet book. #


Saturday, December 13, 2003
      ( 6:39 AM ) Rebecca  
Mitten, mitten
So I finished the first mitten this morning... I should be cleaning the house but I just had the thumb left to go:

If anyone wants, I've posted the pattern (I'll update the html in the patterns section later). I think it would be fun in an uneven homespun yarn. #


Friday, December 12, 2003
      ( 6:00 PM ) Rebecca  
So my mission to the yarn store was a success, I got a teeny tiny steel crochet hook for my edging.
I also got my mitten yarn in the mail from Elann. It's Schoeller Merino Light, superwash, around $3 for 50g. I remember how much I love quick bulky knitting, it's so satisfying. I do like complex projects, but it's fun to have a nice easy one. Look how much you can do in a few hours:

Just a quick diversion on my mittens and then back to the bear sweater. Hopefully I'll have time to smock tomorrow; we were supposed to have a family birthday party for my daughter and nephew but my sister's children are sick so it will be a much smaller (and much more laid back) event.
I've also been spending time reading Tudor Roses, which you can get at Elann while it's still available. (It's hard to find, so get it now!) #


Wednesday, December 10, 2003
      ( 7:38 PM ) Rebecca  
It's Wednesday!
So I started my new job and still have some freelance projects going and so I am busy busy busy. I did get to knit another bit of the Bearly Knits sweater while watching the extended version of LOTR Part 2 this weekend but haven't had time to take photos. (By the way, there was only one spot where I said "I KNOW that wasn't in the original"... most of the cut scenes belonged in the movie IMO.) On to the sleeve steeks. There is something definitely cool about knitting sweaters for bears. They go much quicker than sweaters for humans. I bet bears appreciate them more than humans too! (I'll report back on that when I am done.)

I just figured I'd post while waiting for the spinning rainbow pizza wheel to go away on my iBook (if you have OSX you will know what I mean.)

I haven't smocked the baby dress yet because I was trying to figure out what to do with the yarn. Fran from Knitters Review Forums kindly shared a tip from Katherina Buss's Big Book of Knitting which I apparently need to get. Hopefully I'll be able to figure it out this weekend as well as the crocheting...which reminds me! I found the new LYS near my new job so I have to go there tomorrow and pick up needles (including a crochet needle for the edging).

Here's the bear sweater, as it stands now:


Saturday, December 06, 2003
      ( 11:38 AM ) Rebecca  
Let it snow, let it snow...
Well, as typical New England weather, we are supposed to have a HUGE storm this weekend. The lines were insane at Stop & Shop on Friday afternoon (don't these people have JOBS?) and you hear everyone saying "They say we are getting 18 inches this weekend!" (Now, if anyone knows who They are, I'd love to know... I watched the Weather Channel and it said around 6-8 the last time I checked. But it seems to me and Dave that people around here are always saying "They say..." about the weather and often as not turn out to be right. So who are these mysterious "They" and where do they get their information?) That said, often the storms with the biggest hype turn out to be the wimpiest (and it's the ones that you have no warning that really get you). So far I estimate about 4 inches out there, or so. The UPS Store closed early after I dropped my hard drive off to ship to DriveSavers. Wonder if the UPS driver picked it up? I went with them because now that most Mailboxes Etc. have turned into The UPS Store the closest FedEx dropoff was too far. I should have just called FedEx and asked them to pick it up; when you spend insane amounts of money to get data recovered (OUCHIE) then what the heck is the extra charge to have a driver come to your house? Anyway, FedEx tends to be more reliable and the UPS Store charged more than UPS website told me it would be.

Enough computer rambling, I meant to post my Bearly Knits progress that I worked on when watching Tampopo last night (very weird movie, but it made us want to open a Japanese style noodle shop since you can't get good ramen around here). I finally got the needles and wasn't up to smocking the dress during the movie. Here it is:

Also, wanted to show the dress ready to sew and smock and add edging:

Finally, here's an example of the very smart mice that live in our basement (when the cat doesn't get them). They carefully bit into the packet of crackers and ate them one at a time. There were still some left, but who would want them? Ick. I threw them out.


Wednesday, December 03, 2003
      ( 4:26 AM ) Rebecca  
As if I need another project...
Hubby and I went Christmas shopping in the maul yesterday (sic) because the mall near us is always busy and the only time to go during Christmas shopping season is the daytime. Since I start my new job next Monday, this is the last week to do that (can't exactly take a vacation day right after starting, can I?).

While we were at the mall, I saw a mitten and glove display in the J. Crew window. There were a pair of bulky garter stitch mittens among them, and I thought, "Those are fun, I could make those in a flash!" So I've decided to make a pair, since I don't have any gloves or mittens that are in good shape other than my leather gloves (which are pretty old).

Just for fun, I looked them up on the J. Crew site this morning. $38. And they aren't even made in the US!! No wonder the economy is going to hell in a handbasket.

I counted stitches on the shawl last night. It calls for 27 increases. Each increase is 10 stitches, and it started out with 13. Since it's early in the morning, I'll help you with the math... totals 283 stitches. I currently have 223 stitches on, so it's only 6 more increases and then the border. I didn't realise I was THAT close; I mean, I know I've been making good progress but that is great. I do have quite a bit of laceweight left and I wonder if the yarn requirements were off. Oh, well, black laceweight Shetland is always handy, right? #


Tuesday, December 02, 2003
      ( 10:13 AM ) Rebecca  
A Public Service Message
Today's public service message:
REGULARLY BACK UP YOUR FILES! Especially when running beta software.
Now, I KNOW better.... it's just one of those things that I like to put off.
Well, yesterday I was making an installer with a certain beta installer generator (the company name has been omitted to protect the innocent, or in this case guilty) and I tested my installer on my main machine, and my laptop. Hmm... didn't work, had to force quit. Thought nothing of it until I went to launch my email program.... and look there! My entire Applications directory was GONE. (I am a Mac person most of the time). Everything early in the alphabet was just missing. (My husband's files were in a directory starting with z and were just fine.) One personal project and one freelance project are just GONE. Hundreds of hours worth of work, I'd say. The last backups I have of both are months and months ago.
So far I have tried DiskWarrior, Drive X, Data Rescue X, and Norton. (I've done all the testing on the laptop, which only had one directory that was gone that I would have LIKED to keep, but can live without.) NOTHING. I can spend $375-$1700 (cost will not exceed $1700) to attempt to recover my data with Drivesavers, but there is no guarantee it is not just GONE. So I could spend $1700 and STILL not have my data. ARGGH!!!

(The good news is the knitting is done on the baby dress, but I am going to block it before posting more photos. And the shawl has just been chugging along as well!)

So when you finish reading this....go back up your hard drive. #



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