Knitting and a Movie
Monday, January 26, 2004
      ( 6:14 PM ) Rebecca  
Colour advice?
So I'm trying to decide on Rogue between a dark charcoal grey and a light grey (both kind of heathery)...what are everyone's thoughts? (I know I shouldn't be planning any new projects, but I can't help myself).

I'm more than one-fifth done with the front of Moss. It's fun how it cruises along... seems like it took forever when I first started it. I guess it's because I grok the pattern now; I don't have it memorized per se (because there are lots of twists and turns with that diamond-y thing) but I know how to tell when it should be doing what, more or less. I'm anxious to start my next colour project though, now that the bear is done. (Ooh, I have to remember to take a finished photo of the back off the bear too!)

So what have I been watching while I knit this week? Once Upon a Time in Mexico. I'm really becoming a big Robert Rodriguez fan... I bet you didn't know he directed The Faculty. I didn't until this weekend either. (And if you haven't seen The Faculty, you can check out Elijah Wood before he was Frodo. It's sort of a teeny-bopper movie, but just twisted enough to be fun.) Anyway, in Mexico he once again shows how he lets his heritage play a big part in his movies (well other than The Faculty) with lots of great Latino actors and culture thrown in among the action and camp. He also shot it all digital, did the scoring and a lot of the production work himself, and shot it with a really low budget. Why do I know this? Because there are tons of great special features on the DVD, including 10 Minute Film School and (to join with the trend of cooking directors like in Bend it like Beckham) 10 Minute Cooking School.

Go rent it. #


Saturday, January 24, 2004
      ( 6:21 PM ) Rebecca  
Of concerts and children
A few weeks ago, I heard that Black47 were playing in my area. I always kind of liked their mixture of Irish, Ska, and rock music, so I thought they would be fun to go see. My husband and I only have one non-family sitter, so we called her up but she was busy. Since the band didn't even start until after the kids were in bed, we just needed someone to hang out and make sure the house didn't burn down, so we called one of our friends. He agreed to come over and watch Donnie Darko, but he was getting over an illness and we promised to be home by 11 or 11:30. That would be fine, since they were supposed to start at 9:30, so off we went. We got to the bar and it was a $20 cover charge per person. Oh well, we thought, they'll be worth it. At 9:25 or so a Billy Connelly looking guy started doing sound check, got good levels on the mics. We sat there, drinking our Guinnesses (Guinnii?) and waiting for the band to start. They were pretty much hanging around in the corner by the stage, sans lead singer. Around 10:30, there was still no sign of the band starting. (When my husband was in his band, a bartender would be yelling at you at 9:31 if you hadn't started playing.) Finally, my husband went up to the guy taking money at the door and said that we had to leave soon and was there any way we could get our cover charge back since we didn't get to see the band. The waitress came over and apologized, saying something like, "Sometimes bands like this don't feel like they need to start playing." Needless to say, if we ever want a random place to go out for a bit, we will go to that bar, since they were so understanding about refunding the cover charge. The band actually started at 10:45, so we caught something like 2 songs before we had to take off. Maybe they would have been more fun once they got going a bit, but I think I'd rather go see Kila any day. (They are more traditional Irish and have intense amounts of energy, with this tiny little hairy man hopping about barefoot playing the Bodhran and rapping in Gaelic.)

What's new with knitting? Well, I have pics of the back of Moss. I'm cruising along on the front now.

If you haven't heard of and gone out and bought Jenna's Rogue pattern, you should go do that now. There is a Knit-along for it, although I don't think I am ready to start it just yet, but I do think I will dig around and see if I have any yarn that might benefit by being used for it.



Tuesday, January 20, 2004
      ( 6:46 PM ) Rebecca  
Some fun random stuff
I finished the back of Moss. No time to do a digital photo yet, but thought I'd share a few funny things that came in my inbox while I had a brief minute. (Non Knitting Content.). Here is the most absolutely absurd article about Microsoft going WAYYY too far.

And following is from an email from my mom, who watched my son on Martin Luther King day since I had to work. They are 7-almost-8-year old's philosophies on things:

1) What happens to your brain when you get electrocuted.
(This started with him seeing some high-voltage wires and reminding me not to touch them should they fall in front of the car.) The current hits your brain first, and the little creatures or people who live in your brain get confused and start running around until they fall down dead. Then the rest of you dies.

2) What happens to your brain when you are reading something confusing.
Everyone has a smart part and a stupid part of the brain. Let's say that you (Meema in this case, but it would apply to anyone) are reading one of your student's papers, and it has very good parts and very bad parts. The little people in your brain (remember those?) start running around and stamping on the smart part of your brain with their boots, leaving the stupid part of your brain to try to understand it, and of course it can't, so you are confused and don't know how to understand what you read.

3) What happens to good and bad people when they die.
(This came from him seeing a dark cloud that looked to him like the Angel of Death.) The Angel of Death is the Devil's pet. When a bad person dies, A.D. comes to get him and takes him to live with the Devil for the rest of his life. God, however, has a Good Puppy for a pet. When a good person dies, God's cute puppy comes to get him and takes him to live with God for the rest of his life.

4) Two reasons why you should not get a gun and shoot your big sister when she teases you or squeezes your arm or something.
Reason #1: Your parents wouldn't let you.
Reason #2: When brothers and sisters grow up, they often like each another and help each other out (like Meema and Uncle Andy or Aunt Pam). You don't know how your sister is going to turn out when she grows up. So you should wait and see before you kill her, which is permanent.

5) Why one should be able to use the spa tub before doing one's homework.
It would relax you and you would read/write better. Also, you would be all clean and wouldn't have to take a bath before bed. Also, it's just plain fun.


Saturday, January 17, 2004
      ( 4:53 AM ) Rebecca  
New Every Friday Are Their Paws...
My godmother and her dear friend Jane (rest her soul) at one point had a collection of animals they called "the Bears" (most of them weren't bears, but rather tigers and whatnot.) They even had a song; being the devout Anglican that she was, my godmother wrote it to the tune of New Every Morning is the Love (of which I managed to find a site with a MIDI sequence there). It went as follows:
New every Friday are their paws
It's one of life's unchanging laws
The reason why we shall not seek
Bears have new paws Friday each week.

So it was only fitting that on Friday (yesterday) I completed the Bearly Knits sweater. (Well, the ends still need to be woven it. For all intents and purposes it was complete.) It is being modelled here by Pooh, who is a bit stout of the belly and short of the arms, but it still looks OK on him.

I finished it while watching Millenium Actress, which is a fabulous Japanese anime movie from 2001. Even if you are not an anime fan, this is a wonderful movie, with sort of a bizarre switching between realities reminiscent of The Hours, beautiful realistic art, and a very emotional concept. This is no robot/Godzilla kind of affair, it's a drama, pure and simple.
I intend to send the bear sweater to my godmother, who should really enjoy it. #


Saturday, January 10, 2004
      ( 8:02 PM ) Rebecca  
Happy Belated New Year!
Sorry to be so long in posting again. I knew starting a new job with an hour-long commute would keep me busy, but I still find myself amazed at how exhausted I am during the week. I'll try to be better at posting, I wish there were a faster way to get pics onto the computer without having to process them thro Photoshop first.
My must-see movie of 2003 was The Legend of Suriyothai (well, it came out in 2001, but I only watched it this past year). This is a stockinette-stitch movie (being in Thai, it's subtitled, unless you are fluent in Thai), but it's worth a watch. What's even cooler is the director and star are both members of the Thai royal family. Eat some wonderful cocoanut milk curry and watch that movie and you'll have a great evening.
On the other side of the cultural spectrum, we watched a cheesy 80's Indian movie, Don, which reminded me of all the fabu Indian/Indian-themed movies we watched in 2003: Chutney Popcorn, The Guru (which you'll appreciate even more if you see a classic cheesy Indian film such as Don since it pays homage to Bollywood big time), and Bend it Like Beckham, which includes a great special feature on the DVD of the director making Aloo Gobi. All of these fabulous (and not so fabulous) movies can be rented from Netflix, which is the best thing since sliced bread in our book (not having a cool artsy local video store).
The movie I watched the other night was Shallow Grave, which is an early Ewan McGregor film. Warning, it's a Danny Boyle film (you know, the director of Trainspotting), so it's NOT for the faint of heart. There are a few VERY icky scenes. However, it does have the distinction of being a thriller that features Scottish Country Dancing and men in kilts, so it does have its perks. (And there is actually a character wearing a traditional-looking gansey in that film, so it sort of has a knitting relation.) It was a twisted movie and enjoyable if you are into that sort of thing.
Now...back to knitting. The holidays are about getting together with old friends, which I did literally (seeing some college friends I haven't seen in ages), as well as spending some quality time with an old knitted friend:

Almost done with the back, which means it needs careful attention for that last bit since I have to be somewhere where I can lay it out and measure it.
I've also made some good progress with the bear sweater. This is good, because I'm starting to get startitis and I need to get some projects off the needles here. (I did finish the second mitten, by the way).

Now, what happened to the baby dress, are you wondering? Well, my crocheting-fiend mother-in-law came over Christmas day (as an example of her crocheting prowess, we have a crocheted Nativity set that she made), and she showed me what double crochet was (hooray!), but I am having the darndest time with that loosely spun yarn and the teeny crochet hook and double crochet. I think I need to either go over her house or someone else's who is good at crocheting and have them hold my hand through that last bit of the edging. The recipient is getting christened later this month so I am hoping to be done done done by then. Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Finally, I just wanted to share this cool bag that my mummy gave me for Christmas. I am keeping my bear knitting in it for now.

I am hoping to be able to steal a little more time for myself to catch up on blogs and blogging soon, once I have these freelance projects done. The good news about having an hour lunch is that I've been able to take time during the work day to knit in my car (it's a good way to ensure your lunch hour will be relaxing).

Here's a random thought to leave you with, since it's late here and I'm feeling silly. I borrowed David Bowie's new CD from the library. There is a photo of him on the inside back cover (under the CD tray). He looks exactly the same IMO as he did in the movie The Hunger. Think maybe he really is a vampire? #



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