Knitting and a Movie
Friday, March 26, 2004
      ( 4:19 PM ) Rebecca  
Très Belle!
To quote my husband, the snow is melting, the birds are thoughts go to spring knitting. It was in the 60's (F) today. I am looking forward to a Bergère de France tank that I plan to make when my winter knitting is done, and so I poked around on their website. Look at this gorgeous thing:

Of course, after reading the (free) pattern, I realised: more smocking. AGGGH. Well, I think I got the hang of it on the baby dress, at least there is no crocheting. There are loads of beautiful free patterns there, check it out!
Pictures to come soon of my progress on Donegal and Moss, as well as that gorgeous Brora yarn. #


Saturday, March 20, 2004
      ( 12:57 PM ) Rebecca  
Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam
Ok, I had to share this little tidbit that I heard about on NPR. In the Phillipines, there is a chain of restaurants called Spam Jam that specialise in Spam dishes. Monty Python, eat your heart out. Or better yet, don't. I think I'd rather listen to "Spam" by girl-fronted ska band Save Ferris, or watch the Monty Python Spam sketch, but if I had a choice between eating at Spam Jam and getting Spam emails, I'd go for the restaurant any day.

More absurd so-called news: I had to buy the Weekly World News today. It had "Martian cats" on the cover, which were the funniest Photoshopped Sphinx cats. Go check out Sarra's blog to see how cute they are when they aren't turned into Martians. Don't worry, I'm getting to the fiber bit. There was an "article" in there about a "new craze": Angora rabbit toupees. They have the best picture of a French Angora rabbit on a bald man's head. They call them "toupets". Run out to your local supermarket or convenience store and get yourself a copy of this gem! #


Friday, March 19, 2004
      ( 5:43 PM ) Rebecca  
Birthday Fun
Well, for my birthday this past Tuesday, I got a big snowstorm, a metal coffee thermos, and some beautiful burgundy Brora Merino yarn (just right for knitting Rogue, when I clear out the knitting basket). Just when I was thinking that it was time to start thinking about summer knitting (it was starting to warm up), we got hit with snow all week. Just enough snow to make driving annoying but not enough to get to stay home from work (although it's been so busy at work that it's just as well.) I did a little swatch for Rogue tonight but with a size 5 I get stitch gauge more or less but not row gauge. So I'll try a 6 and see if I am doing better or worse.
I made a dreadful mistake with Donegal (I knit something like 4 rows with the wrong colour yarn before realising it) so I've been frogging but am back on track. Donegal has become home knitting and Moss has become lunch knitting and I have had woefully little time this past week for either. Tonight is the first night all week where I didn't have to go off and do something during the evening.
We watched the BBC miniseries Neverwhere (Neil Gaiman wrote it) and that inspired me to finally read the book. I actually started watching the miniseries, picked up the book and read it halfway, and alternated reading the book and watching the miniseries until I finished them both around the same time. It was rather entertaining, since Neil wrote the book after the fact, and added some fun embellishments. I highly recommend both. The show has that BBC cheesy low-budget sci-fi quality of Doctor Who and Red Dwarf, but I'm actually kind of fond of that. There is some really fun costuming, however, and a Highland Coo (one of those shaggy Scottish cows with the long horns). So work on some Scottish knitting and watch the Scottish main character and Scottish cow.
Now, soapbox on:
US citizens: write your senators TODAY and beg them to vote no on the Broadcast decency bill. This bill would allow the government to fine radio stations and broadcasters HUGE amounts of money for slips of the tongue. I'm all for not having my children watch Janet Jackson's Superbowl striptease, but I don't want to do that at the expense of freedom of speech. Most of the violations would be those shows you know better than to turn on when kids are in the car, but Sandra Tsing Loh's mishap could be considered one of those multimillion dollar fine instances. I don't think either Sandra Tsing Loh or NPR has that kind of money. And with the FCC and all their grey areas deciding what constitutes indecency, who knows what kind of programming could get banned in the name of "decency". It's just too Orwellian. Send an email TODAY.
Soapbox off.

Note: my little free tagboard is broken, so give me a bit of time and I'll throw something together in Javascript. I DO do that for a living, after all. If you want to say hi, you can email me at rebecca AT spacesheep DOT com.... just make sure to write a not-spammy subject line or I might accidentally delete it. #


Monday, March 08, 2004
      ( 6:57 PM ) Rebecca  
Let's Talk About Knitting, Baby
OK.... I am going to more ramble around knitting, since I don't have any really cool progress pics to show. I am getting near the top of another repeat in Donegal, and also did a few rows on Moss so it didn't feel left out.
I heard on NPR an interesting story about trigger-happy radio shows. Apparently, an NPR commentator, Sandra Tsing Loh, was fired for saying the f-word on the air. The funny part? She was doing a series on knitting, and talking about drinking vodka when knitting. Between that and the f-word gaffe, she was far too edgy for NPR. So now I have to go track down the knitting show. She's really a funny commentator, so I hope this only gives her good notoriety.

Another knitting-ish topic? We saw the movie Big Fish, directed by Tim Burton. Bring a box of Kleenex. Or two. The premise is about a man reconciling himself with his dying father, so you know it's going to have sad parts, it's not like I am giving anything away. As one of my friends put it, this movie shows that Tim Burton has grown up. Well, I still like the old Tim Burton, but this movie should appeal to anyone even if you DON'T like Edward Scissorshands and Sleepy Hollow (and, well, nobody liked Planet of the Apes, did they?) Anyway, how on earth does Tim Burton tie in with knitting? There was one of the most beautiful cabled sweaters in that movie, the son's wife is wearing it. Looks suspiciously like some of the designs in the Rowan Plaid book. Hmmm....... #



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