Knitting and a Movie
Sunday, May 30, 2004
      ( 6:07 PM ) Rebecca  
Look, Ma, New Comments!
OK, I decided enough is enough and I needed comments. I know there are free comments things out there, but I thought since I program for a living I ought to be able to at least build my own comments thing. So it's not as full-featured as the free one, but I made it myself. If you find anything wonky with it, you can leave a comment, or email me (rebecca AT my domain). Plus, it gave me an excuse to play with PHP (I do ASP at work so PHP is a bit different).

We have NO PLANS for this Memorial Day weekend. It's been nice, I got to work on my computer, work in the garden (FINALLY), make blueberry muffins, that sort of thing. My son's Cub Scout pack is marching in the local Memorial Day parade tomorrow, but that's been our only obligation. I'm so happy to be able to relax for a change. I didn't even have to do real grocery shopping this week since all the meals we planned for last week fell through, so still have all that food. If only every weekend were like this, then I could really get some knitting done!

Since I feel like I should put in some obligatory knitting content, has everyone seen the crazy lingerie pattern from White Lies Designs? Not my cuppa tea, really, but wow!

My yarn for Wisteria broke at Little League practise which made for a big mess of frogging, so I've been struggling with that, but I've got the front of Donegal on the stitch holder and am working on neck shaping! Yay! #


Wednesday, May 26, 2004
      ( 6:48 PM ) Rebecca  
Neck Steeks? Where are my stitch holders?
So...ready to put some stitches on a holder and cast on for the neck steek!! Woo hoo! Donegal has been languishing while Wisteria takes my focus, but I picked her back up since it's been a bit cold and rainy. And I so want to finish.
Bad, bad photo. Hubby's digi camera needs new batteries and was being cranky. But hey, once I find a stitch holder for the front neck, I will have more exciting progress to show.

Like the rest of America, we joined the throngs to see Shrek 2. There are 2 theatres near me. One you could get into see Star Wars X on opening day and still get good seats (in other words, NOTHING ever sells out there, EXCEPT The Passion, opening weekend. But we were going to see some other thing so we didn't care). The other one is near better restaurants but would sell out Tank Girl 2, The First Movie Didn't Do Poorly Enough So We Thought We Would Try Again. So we opted for #2. Bad choice. Got to the theatre, the show we wanted was sold out. Bought tickets for the next show and killed time in a nearby store, since it was such a long wait. Came back and couldn't find any seats together. Fortunately, they are used to this sort of thing, and refunded our money. We then drove 20-odd minutes in the opposite direction to see it in the other theatre. No problems getting tickets or seats or anything. It killed our whole day to see ONE movie, but it was worth it. I laughed so hard, I cried. Literally. That's pretty impressive.

And if you go see it, stick around and watch the credits... #


Tuesday, May 18, 2004
      ( 5:47 PM ) Rebecca  
Hot Hot Hot
In typical New England fashion, it's gone from freezing winter directly to hot summer, without passing Go or collecting $200 (or having anything to call "spring" in the middle). I imagine it will go back to cool again soon, but it's been making me rethink what I want to be currently working on. Since my office is a meat locker temperature-wise, I've picked up my old familiar friend, the Wisteria shawl, which I let idle away in my knitting bag while focusing on heavier, woolier things. I've realised that Wisteria is getting close to done, being currently somewhere like 23 pattern increases and I believe the goal is 27 (I will have to verify). So I've been trying to work on this when I have time. Donegal is still in the running (although I'm afraid I will have to wait until autumn to wear it) because I find the jumperweight Shetland to be less hot to work with. The shawl is definitely light enough to work on outside in the sun at a Little League game, however. Working on Wisteria, I've had to wind my next ball of laceweight, and it occurred to me that laceweight Shetland yarn has a way of tangling itself up nastily whilst in storage. I've been fighting with this big pile of tangles and trying to coerce it into something resembling a ball. I think the end is in sight with this particular ball, finally. I feel like I've been doing nothing but detangling for the last several days.
The ball from ****:

Wisteria as it currently stands (looks pretty much like it did last time, but just a bit bigger and it's been awhile):

My latest review is Girl with a Pearl Earring. It's a story (based on a novel) of a servant girl who provides inspiration for Vermeer. It's more of a moment in time than a story, in my opinion. As to be expected for a film starring a famous artist as a character (like Dog of Flanders or Frida) there is some fabulous, artistic camera work. It's a visual treat. That said, Scarlett Johansson's character's situation is very similar to that of her character in Lost in Translation, in my opinion. Young girl has an almost-but-not-quite-relationship (more of a connection, I guess) with an older man, a real relationship between them can never be, they part ways. Although if I had a choice between Colin Firth (Girl with a Pearl Earring) vs. Bill Murray (Lost in Translation), I'd pick Colin Firth any day. So it was a lovely movie, and I enjoyed it (and it's just the thing for untangling yarn during because you really want to SEE the movie), but out of the two similar movies, I still prefer Lost in Translation.

Oh, and there was a sale at Webs this past weekend. I tried to be strong, but this bulky substitute for Rowan Plaid was calling my name. "Think of how you can knit one of those fabulous Kim Hargreaves designs" it said. And it's a really neat colour. I'm thinking it will be a lovely winter sweater. Almost makes me want to do winter knitting. Too bad I can't knit at my desk. It's cold enough there.

And some lovely soft Berocco Softwist coppery coloured yarn. OK, so I don't usually do brown, even though They say that with my colouring I ought to. (The same They that give you all kinds of other advice). But it was such a lovely shade and so soft and so cheap and I thought, hmm, maybe I can make a cable sweater with this. I'm not sure how the cables will pop. Anyway, it's just a lovely shiny yarn.



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