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Thursday, June 17, 2004
      ( 6:25 PM ) Rebecca  
Wisteria is DONE (well mostly anyhow)
Here is a picture of it blocking on my porch the other night. Notice how my hair snuck into the corner of the picture. Oh well, I hope to take a real picture later on now that it's done blocking.

Why isn't it done? I have a thing about weaving in the ends. I am so paranoid of snipping the yarn in case they haven't been woven in well enough. So I think there are a few spots that need trimming on the wrong side, but it's otherwise done.

Meanwhile, I finally got the Brilloso yarn that was backordered from Webs that I hope to make a Bergere tank with. Colour is #9337.

I swatched for the centre panel. Since it's multicoloured it takes away a bit from the lace pattern, but I'm hoping it will be OK. The yarn is a bit twisty which makes it somewhat challenging, but the colour is so lovely that I am going to give it a shot.



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