Knitting and a Movie
Sunday, July 25, 2004
      ( 3:19 PM ) Rebecca  
No Knitting News
Well, I have done about zero knitting for days, been busy with work, and had no kids so we went out (although I saw Fever Pitch which is based on a Nick Hornby book with Colin Firth in it, about an Arsenal fan in the 80's, and I just found my Arsenal jersey at my mother's this past weekend). But I just saw a REALLY cool trailer for a new Hong Kong movie called Lovers. I'm going to have to try and track it down. I hope it plays in the theatre over here. #


Thursday, July 22, 2004
      ( 4:12 AM ) Rebecca  
Minimal Progress
Well, I FINALLY got the first row almost done CORRECTLY on the Bergere tank. I must have frogged that thing 20 times. Either my counting was off, or I started at the wrong point in the pattern, etc etc. I need some stitch markers. What is it that works well at the hardware store, some kind of little rubber rings?

I've also been working on the Bergere cardi. I like it, but I am not fond of the bit where you wrap stitches. It slows down things when you are in the zone. It will be pretty though. I'll try to post pictures of progress on that.

I still am in search of a fun mindless project. Any suggestions? Maybe I should design one. I'd like a shaped tank like Smooch with some patterning but a lot of stockinette (like Smooch), but I don't want to make that one again. #


Saturday, July 10, 2004
      ( 9:46 AM ) Rebecca  
Found Treasures
Today I went to an antique store and got a handful of Workbasket magazines from the early 1960's. There are some lovely knitted doily patterns and a pattern for crocheted lace gloves. I think I may need to brush up on my crocheting skills. I think I will scan in the magazines so as not to damage them when trying to use the patterns.
1960's cuisine sure was scary. Here are some sample recipes contained in my trove:
Deluxe Creamed Chipped Beef
Molded Cottage Cheese Salads
Apple Beef Balls
Codfish Balls
Salmon Loaf Peas Bake
Jellied Cucumber Cabbage Salad
OK, I'll stop now, before anyone gets ill. One of my friends asked me the other day, if I could live in any era, when would I live. Well, certainly not the 50's or 60's. (No offense to anyone who lived in those eras, but I couldn't deal with the food.) It's a tossup between the Victorian era or modern times. The fashions and culture was certainly much more fun during Victorian times (if you had money, that is), but there is something to be said for the ability to do anything you want as a woman.
Another great find at the antique store was the patio set my grandmother used to have. White wrought iron with waterproof cushions in a turquoise and green floral print. Unfortunately, it was something like $150 for the loveseat and $95 for the chair. For a kitschy ugly patio set, it's not worth that kind of money, but wow, I would love to have that.

I haven't been doing too much knitting, so there is no fun progress to show. I've got more progress on the front of the cardi, but not worth photographing. I finished the first two rows of the Bergere tank with the scary yarn, so now it is easier to work with, but not much to show there either. I have been really in a low mood the last month or so, so it's hard to be motivated to do anything fun. What I need is a nice mindless project to start on, and take a break from the fun intricate work until I have a bit more positive energy going on. I am thinking of either Vicky from the new Knitty or the Karabella Silky Tape Bias top, although I think I would take out a few rows, I think it is too long. (OK, neither one is mindless, but I am just thinking of something where I could do rows and rows of stockinette.) #


Saturday, July 03, 2004
      ( 5:11 AM ) Rebecca  
Ramblings on Digital Cable, Finished Objects, and General Knitting
Well, the reason I haven't posted in a while is because I am working from home this summer. Originally I thought this meant I would have more free time, seeing as my commute time is cut down, but somehow I end up spending more time working, and having less time knitting and taking photos and blogging.
I am happy to have finished Wisteria (and would like to put a few more photos up when I can get a chance to take them). I've actually worn it out a few times, once to work and once to my cousin's wedding (and out afterwards).
I had started a Bergere cardi during Little League practise and finally finished the long boring ribbed back, and now onto the crazy front pattern. Not much to show on the front yet, I am on the tenth row or so and have to frog a few rows because of the way the pattern changes (this bit me when I was doing the swatch too). I want to work on my Bergere tank but that yarn is driving me crazy getting started. Once I get going, hopefully it will be easier to work with, the swatch went OK.
This week we got a cable modem instead of DSL (I was having connectivity problems which is kind of annoying when you are doing web programming from home). While getting the cable modem, my husband asked for a cable upgrade (we had the ultra-cheap basic cable). So due to some confusing at the cable company, they dropped off a digital cable box. I am pretty sure that we didn't ask for digital cable, but we have it for the weekend, so we decided to try it out. First of all, some of the basic standard channels just don't come in (VH1, SciFi). Why is that? Then, we went through all 500-odd channels and ended up watching Groundhog Day. Yes, it's kind of a cute movie, but come on, that was all that was on? We could have watched that on TBS or something. I don't need HBO to watch Groundhog Day (and in fact, I don't really need to watch Groundhog Day, period.) So I fail to understand what the point is in paying upwards of $60 a month on TV service only to still have to complain "There is nothing good on."

Movie review time: We saw two "kids" movies and I didn't comment upon either yet. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Great, as expected. You have to love Gary Oldman. He is just great at being insane. And check out those sweaters! Hermione had a really neat Bohus looking one and Ron had a pretty cool Fair Isle at some point. Once again, I bow in the general direction of the costume designers. Spiderman 2: More of the same. Fun action, cute, good integration of CGI and live action. Sam Raimi brought a bit more of his humour into this one, I think. And Alfred Molina is great, of course. And finally, for the weirdest movie of the week (and the weirdest movie I have seen in a while, actually): Bubba Ho-Tep. Bruce Campbell plays Elvis in a nursing home who teams up with fellow resident John F. Kennedy (played by Ossie Davis) to battle an evil mummy. It was incredibly silly (rather crass in spots) and just plain bizarre. There were some really funny shots on it, like the two old men walking down the hallway all dramatically in a walker and a wheelchair. Very reminiscent of an Ed Wood film, in some odd way. And very well done for a low-budget film. #



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