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Saturday, August 21, 2004
      ( 6:36 PM ) Rebecca  
Finally Home/Fluff
My husband was released from the hospital today. Long tiring day, but it's over.

So now on a fluffy note after a long day, a friend sent me a link to "what kind of sheep are you?"

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

What a surprise. ;) #


Monday, August 16, 2004
      ( 8:02 PM ) Rebecca  
Sad News, and Procrastinator Plans a Trip
Let's start with the bad news. My husband got in a pretty bad car accident Friday --(separate blog for that. All he has is a badly broken leg, but will most likely be in the hospital for the rest of the week and will be hobbling around with external pins for the next 3 months. It has been very hard on him, and hard supporting him. I have gotten a lot of knitting done at the hospital though. The tank is almost done, I have one more triangle and have to finish the straps. I also started a Christmas present for my mother which is ultra mindless knitting -- great for while chatting at the hospital with the threat of nurses coming and making you move out of the way.

Meanwhile, I was planning a trip in October (all by myself, which is a MAJOR step for me). There was a package deal which expires today, and I hadn't gotten around to booking it. I am a BIG waffler about any purchase (even one skein of yarn or some socks), and usually I put the thing down that I want to buy, leave the shop, think about it for a hile, obsess on it for a while, decide I REALLY NEED whatever it was, go back to the shop only to discover the whatever it was is all gone. I was about to do this with the trip. "Can I handle going away for a week by myself? Should I spend the money? Will I be needed? Do I go for 5 days, or 6? Do I go with the package, or book the airfare and get a self-catering hotel?" et cetera et cetera ad infinitum. The accident only compounded my confusion. Finally I said to myself, I am CONSTANTLY planning trips in my head only to not get around to booking them and coming up with excuses not to go. We were supposed to take a family trip to England to take the kids to Legoland London, and visit my godmother, but I kept hestitating on booking it and time got away and so did reasonable airfares. So I made a HUGE step and actually booked the tickets tonight (about an hour before the end of the day here, not sure what time zone the deal was for). It's done, I printed out the confirmation, I'm committed to go now. What an amazing feeling. It sure helps out with all the bad things that have been going on.


Wednesday, August 11, 2004
      ( 12:43 PM ) Rebecca  
Unrequited rabbits
There has been a wild rabbit hanging around my Angora rabbit's cage. I am thinking it must be a girl, because wouldn't a male rabbit be stressed out smelling him? It's like some reverse Lagomorphic Romeo & Juliet, where Romeo is up there in his balcony (cage) with Juliet beneath. It's kind of sad really. But if they got together then there would be some half-wild, half-Angora bunnies running around, and they certainly wouldn't fend for themselves really well.

Stitch n Bitch is tonight, and I'm hoping to go. I am ready to switch to straights on the cami and managed to dig up a pair in my attic, so I am ready to go. I was thinking I might have to order them, so I am happy that I already have them. I did a bit of trickery because I started with the smallest size but I think I need the next size up for the bust, so I did a few extra increase rows in between the other increase rows. Hopefully it will end up OK. #


Thursday, August 05, 2004
      ( 10:14 AM ) Rebecca  
Stitch N Bitch ROCKS!
We have a local Stitch N Bitch but I never get to go because hubby's band practise is the same night, I've been on a few odd Wednesdays here and there when it was convenient. Yesterday was such a miserable day (what with work and things going on in my life) and I decided since we were meeting at Borders I would drag the kids and make them promise to be good and stay out of trouble (with bribes of books and snacks). It was SO NICE to be able to hang out with everyone and chat and knit and drink a decaf latte and eat some bizarre stuffed spinach and feta pretzel. (The kids read and explored and shared a cookie and were perfect angels). Then I picked up a travel book on Iceland (planning a vacation to ANYWHERE in October and it's one of the places I'm thinking of going if I can afford it) and the John Mayer CD which I've only been thinking about getting for the last 3 years since I heard it on WRNX, before anyone knew who he was. And it turned out to be 25% off a CD if you bought a book! Wow! (Part of my motivation for buying the CD is my daughter, who listens to nothing but one Lacuna Coil CD, one Linkin Park CD, and one Evanescence CD, kept talking about how she liked John Mayer. Gee, wonder where she gets such eclectic taste in music? *cough cough*)

I was even able to help one of the gals (name withheld to protect the innocent) discover why she knit in the round all her stitches were slanted. Turns out she was doing knit-through-back-loop instead of knit (and since she knit Continental like I do, the other non-Continental knitters weren't able to help her figure out what she was doing wrong. The only reason I even thought of it was that the Honeymoon cami has a twisted rib and I thought, maybe that was what she was doing, and sure enough, I was right!

Anyway, here is the promised photo (one skein down, 2 to go):

And apparently katydids love Honest Tea as much as I do!



Monday, August 02, 2004
      ( 6:31 AM ) Rebecca  
Oh my goodness, KNITTING!!
(I promise to attach pics very very soon, like maybe later today.)
Yes, that's right, I've actually been doing some knitting! I finished the border on the Bergere tank only to discover at the rate I am going this thing is going to be WAAY too big. That Brilloso yarn is very stretchy, so I guess when I measured my gauge swatch I made an error. Whatever the case is, I am going to have to frog all 12 rows and start OVER AGAIN! However, when I DO finally do it, I now have a collection of nylon washers from the hardware store to use as stitch markers. They are a lifesaver with that pattern. So I think once I figure out how big to REALLY make it, I will only have to do that ONE MORE TIME. (I've also got the pattern almost entirely translated into English in MS Word for anyone who has the pattern and wants a translation. It's only the sewing-up bit at the end that is confusing me, so I need to figure that out.)

I do have a funny story with my hardware store experience. I went to the local hardware store (locally owned, walking distance from my house, what could be better!) and figured I'd look around for something I could use as markers. A high school kid asked me if he could help me find something. I said, "Well, I'm not really sure what I am looking for!" He asked, "Well, what is it for?" I said, "Oh, well I am going to use it for something it's not intended for." "What are you using it for?" "Well, knitting. I want like a rubber washer or something so I can put a marker to keep track of complicated knitting patterns." This didn't phase him at all. We went right over to the nylon washers as he said, "Aren't all knitting patterns complicated?" We looked through the various sizes of washers and I picked some random smallish ones (2 sizes in case one didn't work) that I thought would fit my 3mm needles, and he said, "Wow, you must have small needles!" I just thought it was so funny that this whole exchange didn't phase him at all.

I've been thinking what I need to get over my knitting doldrums is a fast, easy summer project. So after some recommendations on Knitter's Review, I decided on the Honeymoon Cami, from the Spring Knitty. I thought Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece would make a good yarn sub, so I went to the LYS that I know stocks that yarn. The Cotton Fleece colour selection was pretty sad, all they had were colours that either look horrible on me (like dark turquoise), or colours I am not crazy about (kind of a melon colour). Or not enough skeins of a given colour. Right next to it was Cascade Yarns' Sierra Quatro, which is a Pima cotton/wool blend, and comes in blended colours. There was a blend of hot pinks which I loved, but got talked out of by the 8 year old, so I went with a green and pink blend that we both agreed on. I ended up with a little large gauge swatch, so rather than reswatching I just went with the smallest size, and I'm sure everything will be fine.

To top things off, I bought myself a cheap used copy of Lost in Translation, because I loved that movie so much. So after an amazingly miserable week, my week ended with a very up note. Takeout Chinese, Lost in Translation, and knitting progress. Oh, and my favourite perfumerie released a special limited edition perfume for the full moon. (Note, site is very graphic in places and may not be safe for work. They have lovely essential oil blends, though!) #



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