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Sunday, October 31, 2004
      ( 1:16 PM ) Rebecca  
Happy Halloween!
Je hais les dimanches...

Switching languages for a second...
Tous les jours de la semaine
Sont vides et sonnent le creux
Bien pire que la semaine
Y a le dimanche prétentieux
Qui veut paraître rose
Et jouer les généreux
Le dimanche qui s'impose
Comme un jour bienheureux

Je hais les dimanches !
Je hais les dimanches !

Dans la rue y a la foule
Des millions de passants
Cette foule qui coule
D'un air indifférent
Cette foule qui marche
Comme à un enterrement
L'enterrement d'un dimanche
Qui est mort depuis longtemps.

Je hais les dimanches !
Je hais les dimanches !

Maybe it's just the fact that Sunday is the day you realise there was all that stuff you needed to get done over the weekend and didn't get around to, like those piles of laundry staring you in the face, and the yard that needs raking, and the food that needs prep-work for Monday's dinner.

Anyway, I wanted to give the special Halloween edition of "How to make a Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween costume for under $20", but I didn't have those photos on the right computer so now I have to track them down, so I will do that as a post-Halloween special.

Instead I give you the sleeve for Rogue that is done with patterning and ready for straight stockinette action:

And Gerbera... look how fast it comes along en route to Iceland and back...

I've been abandoning Rogue for Gerbera because it's so fun to knit, the yarn is so luxuriously soft (even though it's an ickrlyic blend) and the pattern is so pretty, and the rows go quickly... but Rogue is so close to done that I should just pick it back up and finish it.

However, there is a troublemaker in the WIP ranks.... the Afghan Square From Hell (insert cheesy organ chord and Vincent Price style laughter). I promised to do an afghan square for a charity auction. 12". No big deal. Plenty of time. Well this yarn is tricksy (at least for me) and no matter what I do, I can't get a 12" square. I knit a gauge swatch on 6's: it was too small. I knit a gauge swatch on 7's: it was JUST RIGHT. I knit the square on 7's and it was TOO BIG. I tried knitting the square on 6's and it was TOO BIG. %^#$#$%%&*(%!!! So the deadline approacheth and I just want to work on my own knitting instead of futzing around with this afghan square that just DOESN'T want to cooperate. I'm not sure what to do really. Hubby says I should see if I can beg off and get out of it, but I think they really need my square. Maybe I will just do a plain stockinette with a cable in the centre or something.

And on more language-related news: I am working on an Icelandic knitting dictionary which I will host on my site once I find a Mac WYSIWYG tool that allows me to type in Icelandic characters and end up with HTML. I translated the Lopi sweater pattern which now I want to work on but I have to finish at least 2 sweaters before starting another. #


Tuesday, October 26, 2004
      ( 6:43 AM ) Rebecca  
Icelandic Word of the Day

I have decided that when travelling to another country, there is ONE WORD that you need to know in the native language. One word, above all other words, that is absolutely necessary. So I will share that word with you in Icelandic.


In English? Chocolate. This way, you can go into a bakery and ask Hvað er þetta? and if the person says Blah blah blah súkkalaði blah blah you are all set.


Monday, October 25, 2004
      ( 4:50 AM ) Rebecca  
Aftur Heim
(Back home)

I can't believe I am home already. Back to work. Everything in Iceland is really expensive, so it's probably just as well that I am back.

I highly recommend going. If the cold doesn't bother you and you like rokk tonlist (rock music) then it is fun to go to the festival this time of year. In the interior of the country, it does get rather cold, but Reykjavik was surprisingly mild. And luckily there was no rain at all this week; apparently this time of year can be rainy.

There are things I would have liked to have done (visited a farm, ridden one of the Icelandic horses), but in the short time I was there I think I got to see a lot of things. I went to three museums, and took a bus tour of an area with geysers and a beautiful waterfall at Gulfoss. (Hopefully when I get pictures back I will have some good ones). I also got to see the Northern Lights briefly; I was hanging around with some locals on their porch and looked up and saw it. Wow! What serendipity.

If you like to go out drinking, Reykjavik is the place to do it. The bars stay open all night. It's not uncommon for there to be a decent-sized crowd still at 6 in the morning. Wow.

And my tips to avoid jet lag (not necessarily tiredness):
#1: Leave Boston around 9:30 PM so that after the 5 hour flight and 4 hour time change it's 6:30 AM, and stay up the rest of the day so that you are good and tired by say 8 or 9 in the evening. You will wake up at a normal time there.

#2: Leave Sunday afternoon. Saturday night, stay up until 6 AM. When you get back, your biological clock will be shifted back to normal US time (or crazy Reykjavik weekend time).

Once again, there were no problems with the Denise needles (yay!). Coming home was very odd. After being in a country with all the signs in another language, it's weird to see English road signs and not say "Takk" ("thanks") to everyone at the airport. #


Friday, October 22, 2004
      ( 5:16 AM ) Rebecca  
Greetings from Reykjavik!

(I was going to write that in Icelandic but this is an American Windows keyboard and I have no idea how to get the special characters in Windows. I'm such a Mac geek.)

I discovered I got a free hour of Internet time as part of a tourist discount card I purchased, and my feet are DEAD TIRED from walking too much (my fault) so I thought I'd post.

It is so lovely here. I highly recommend going. I didn't get to see any sheep, although I saw an Icelandic horse on a farm as I went to Blue Lagoon (the tourist trap you must visit when you come here.) Blue Lagoon is a manmade lake (but it looks natural, they used volcanic rock) which has minerals and algae which are really good for your skin. It's heated by geothermal heat, so it's warm (there are really hot spots). Basically, it's like a giant bathtub. You can take a tour there but that's silly, who wants to walk around it? Better to just take the bus and experience it.

When going to Reykjavik, your first stop should be the Lush shop, where you buy some shampoo or something and get a free sample of soap. The hot water everywhere is heated by volcanos, so the shower smells like sulphur. If you have nice scented soap and shampoo, then you are all set.

Knitting shopping.... well I discovered 2 knitting shops on the main shopping street (Laugavegur). The first was just your standard UK yarn (Rowan, Colinette, etc) as well as some LOVELY Kaffe Fassett quilting fabric. Wow. EXPENSIVE though. The other shop was a tiny hole-in-the-wall needlework shop that happened to sell knitting supplies as well. I bought an Icelandic (in Icelandic) pattern and some Alafloss Lopi yarn to make a sweater in shades of blue. It was kind of expensive, but still cheaper than Reynolds Lopi yarn, and I HAD to buy local yarn, right? I also bought an Icelandic knitting magazine in a bookshop. It was sealed so I had no idea what the patterns were like, but I had to get an Icelandic knitting magazine, right? It has some really cute kids' sweaters which go up to fairly large sizes, so if my son wants one I could make it. Also, it was worth it for the "learn to knit" section so I can try to make sense of Icelandic knitting terms for the find of the century.....
The COOLEST Icelandic knitting book (well it's technically a Norwegian book, but it's the Icelandic translation-- the English name is "Poetry in Stitches") with the most gorgeous designs, on sale for 450 Kronur, which is around $7. Wow! A beautiful hardback book too. I will show it at SnB next week. The best purchase of my entire trip.

I also was able to work on Gerbera with my Denise needles on the plane a bit. Haven't gotten TOO far, but it's OK. I was surprised that I had no trouble in airport security with anything I brought, including my cel phone and iPod. I thought they were going to check them for sure. And my ear jewellery didn't set off the metal detector, surprisingly.

Well, I should go, see you all when I get back, and hopefully I will have some photos. #


Monday, October 18, 2004
      ( 9:20 AM ) Rebecca  
Ég er að fara í Íslands
(I am going to Iceland)

(OK, so I really haven't picked up THAT much Icelandic...but I can say that and hi and bye and thank you.)

Anyway, just figured I'd do one last post before I leave for my trip (leaving for the airport in about 3 hours)... I'm running around making sure I didn't forget to pack anything, and hurrying up to finish 12 rows on size 4 needles of Gerbera (on row 8 right now) so I can switch to the Denise needles for travelling.

I'll post photos of the Rogue body and sleeves (coming along) and whatever I get done on my trip when I get back. Oh, and maybe the saga of the Halloween costume.

See you all soon! #


Friday, October 08, 2004
      ( 6:41 PM ) Rebecca  
Crafters Anonymous
The first step is knowing you have a problem...

If every time you watch a movie, you look at the costumes and think, "I could make that," you may have a problem.
If every Halloween you design costumes for yourself/your children/your significant other, you may have a problem.
If every Christmas you plan homemade gifts for people on your list, you may have a problem.

If you are up the night before the event (Christmas, wedding, party) hand-sewing patches onto a Salvation Army dress, you definitely have a problem.

Why haven't I posted in a while? Well between working, living, and so on, I've been frantically making a costume for a Halloween party at which I know ONE PERSON. Why? Because I could. Will we see pictures? Well, it depends on how my struggle goes. If it comes out at all tolerable, I'll post more about it. If not, it'll just go into the UFO bin.

Yes, I definitely have issues. But I'm getting better. At least I'm not making the Moulin Rouge costume... this year.

On non-sewing news, the body of Rogue is done. Next up, the hood. Or maybe the sleeves. #



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