Knitting and a Movie
Monday, November 29, 2004
      ( 8:03 PM ) Rebecca  
Rogue Problems

So I got to the top of the pattern on the second sleeve, only to realise I had forgotten to increase at each side of the pattern as well as at the edges, so I've got to frog the whole thing. AGGHH! So I decided to try to restart Square Of Doom for a break from ripping Rogue.

To cheer everyone up, I will take a cue from the fabulous Wendy and post a cute pet photo instead.



Friday, November 26, 2004
      ( 6:38 AM ) Rebecca  
Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Yikes. I haven't posted in ages and another holiday has gone by. I haven't had much knitting time and I've had even less photo-processing time. I am still agonizing over that afghan square. Now it's the Scary Afghan Square that I am avoiding. I really need to get back to that.

Gerbera is my Travelling Knitting for SnB and waiting rooms. It looks about the same (only bigger) so I'll wait until next time to take a picture. I've left it in my car so that I can always have something to knit. I've finished the first sleeve for Rogue and am onto the second. I worked on it last night while we watched Ju-on: The Grudge, which was the original film that Sarah Michelle Gellar film is based-on. I can't believe they ripped off all the creepy scenes in the American version (since they were in the previews). I thought, this movie isn't that scary, but then afterwards I didn't want to be alone in a dark room.

I also made a quickie Colinette Point5 mini-scarf. (Pic to come when I figure out where on my home network the file went.) It would have been nice to do a longer scarf, but the yarn is too expensive and I only had one skein. 2 skeins would make an awesome scarf. I used pebble stitch so it had a bit of texture, although the yarn really does cool things all by itself.

My Thanksgiving went well. My family was going in different directions this year so we only had 9 people total (including us). I made pies last week and froze them, so all I had to do was turkey (free turkey from Wild Oats, yeah!), stuffing, mashed potatoes, and gravy (other veggies came with the company). I found out last minute that my turkey pan had gone AWOL, so I had to cook the turkey in a Pyrex lasagne pan, which doesn't give you nice brown stuff on the bottom, so the gravy was kind of pale, but it was OK. Even though I was just getting over the flu, things went very smoothly, it was the least stressful Thanksgiving I can remember.

I have the day off today (yay!) but I am supposed to be doing some crappy DB maintenance at some point while people are off the system so I have to work a BIT. I cheered myself up by buying some perfume, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab had a new Limited Edition, Cold Moon that sounded so pretty. Yes, I have a perfume and beauty products addiction. #



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