Knitting and a Movie
Monday, December 27, 2004
      ( 8:12 PM ) Rebecca  
Silver Bells, Silver Linings

First of all, hope everyone had a Happy Christmas (or other winter holiday of your persuasion) and that all your knitting gifts were well received. My one handknit gift (the Noro one-skein hat for my mother) was appreciated, and she even told me she got compliments when she took a walk wearing it. First rule of knitting gifts, choose your audience well. As for knitting-related gifts, I received none, but I didn't really want any -- I have to get stashed yarn and WIPs under control. I did receive a lovely Lush gift box, as well as a new (non-digital) camera.

Wednesday before Christmas, my car decided to die. Luckily, I was able to hitch a ride with Jodi to SnB and participate in the fun grab bag. (Unfortunately, I didn't take photos of the gorgeous stitch markers I got in the grab bag, so they will have to come next time.) Even more luckily, it was just a few belts that needed replacing, so I was able to have my car back in time for Christmas. However, I did end up taking the bus to work (which floored my friends/coworkers that have never lived in a major city, but really it's not that bad, it's like a 10 minute walk from my house to get the bus, and it drops off right near my work. It's just the fact that it's an hour ride and they only run once an hour or so that was the big pain). The good news about THAT was I got to work on Gerbera during my whole commute, and it was only $1.10 to ride the bus. That has to be way less than what I spend in gas. If it wasn't for the two inconveniences I just mentioned, I'd be tempted to take the bus to work more often. So I finished up the flowers on the bus, and am well into the grey part now. (Also, divided for armholes, I miss working in the round.)

Now for some random non-knitting rambling... this must have been Nicole Kidman week, because we watched The Stepford Wives remake (which got bad reviews/buzz but I thought it was a fun entertaining movie, especially for the quote "Where would people never notice a town full of robots? Connecticut.") and Eyes Wide Shut, a Christmas movie! OK, well, it's hardly a Christmas movie, but it takes place at Christmastime. That was another one which had bad buzz, but it was homework since it was Kubrick's last film. It was weird, it had issues, but it wasn't as bad as I expected; I didn't dislike it.

I also just finished a book, Wicked", which is the story of the Wicked Witch of the West. It was entertaining, although I can't say how much I liked it, because it definitely had some rough edges. Being a huge Oz book fan from when I was little, I appreciated his attention to detail about the Oz universe.

And what I am listening to lately is Death Cab For Cutie. And my last review is for the Pampered Chef corkscrew. Thanksgiving destroyed my last corkscrew, so I bought one from a friend's party, and that thing rocks (especially for the price) -- it has a little foil cutter and is so easy to use.



Monday, December 20, 2004
      ( 11:36 AM ) Rebecca  
Hold onto your chairs, pictures!!!

I am home sick from work , which of course means that somehow I ended up in front of the computer doing mindless tasks for work. I do feel better now than when I attempted to get up this morning, and my back was thrown out from coughing so much. Someone tell me how to stay home sick and not feel guilty and end up working?

Anyway, I decided to use the time I was wasting sitting around for HTML pages to be generated to finally crop & upload pictures. So here they are!!!

First, Gerbera:

Next, here is that bear sweater that I finished up (and mailed to the UK):
On Pooh:


I also finished the patterning (for the second time, this time done correctly) on the second sleeve of Rogue, so maybe we'll see a Rogue sleeve picture in my next post.

Word of advice, if you live on a private road up a hill, and there is a lot of snow on the ground, and drive an old 4 cylinder Mazda that probably needs new tires, and you are home sick, don't decide that it is a good idea to go drive to the post office and get the mail.



Friday, December 10, 2004
      ( 4:25 AM ) Rebecca  
Closing out Starbucks

Wednesday night the stragglers for SnB closed out Starbucks. They had to kick us out. (Not hard to close out anything in Connecticut, though).

I weaved in ends for my bear Fair Isle (FINALLY, look through the archives to see when I finished it) so I can mail it to my godmother in the UK. Nothing like waiting until last minute. And I FINALLY got to the colourwork in Gerbera, although I had to rip back a row. So it was a productive evening. Good thing because I've gotten no knitting done this week otherwise. I was going to bring it to work yesterday, but good thing I didn't, as I didn't even get to eat (breakfast or lunch) until 2:30.

So I saw this link and I'm really jazzed. I want to find some people in the area who would be excited to organise something along those lines around here once a year. Come on, we can make Hartford cool, can't we? Just once a year?

If I can't do that, I at least want to make an argyle sock monkey. (Click on the link. It's SO COOL.) #


Tuesday, December 07, 2004
      ( 4:26 PM ) Rebecca  
Everything's Coming To A Grinding Halt
Come on, Cure fans, sing along with me

Yep, it's that time of year again where you can not find any knitting time whatsoever. Thank goodness I know better than to make any handknitted Christmas gifts that haven't been completed by September. Last night I thought I was going to have knitting time, but I got taken over by CHRISTMAS CARDS. We did them while watching Reality Bites, which I remembered liking but decided was REALLY BORING. Oh well.

On some good news, I thought I was going to get to the colourwork for Gerbera last week at SnB, but with a trip to the doctor with DH tomorrow (and SnB), I think I finally will break into the flower pattern. And I finally got the nerve to rip-rip-rip the Rogue sleeve, and I am back properly on track. So I guess there is SOME knitting time here and there.

Seeing as I really dislike hats (having the kind of hair that loves to fly around this time of year, and hats just exacerbate the problem), I've turned to thoughts of earwarmers. One idea was to spin Matt's hair and have a nice Angora-lined earwarmer. Then I thought, well since I haven't figured out how to spin yet, this is NOT happening this year. So then I thought about using that incredibly yummy Colinette Mohair yarn (in Mint Chocolate, to match my mini-scarf). I'll probably do that, but I have to track down the yarn. Then I found this. OOOH! I don't think I'm making it this time around, but I AM bookmarking it for future reference. Maybe NEXT winter. Or maybe in the summer (it's a small project so it won't be so hot).

And more ADD-project-enabling... Did you see the new Knitty is up? This is an extra-tempting one. Like I need any more projects. Here's another cable hoodie for when I am done with Rogue, since Rogue was so fun. And I want it just like hers. The Patons yarn is pretty cheap too. Then there are the thigh-high tights/socks. And the wine bottle holder, perfect for a gift. (NEXT Christmas, what did I just say???) And the penguin.. Knitty, you are so evil!!! #



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