Knitting and a Movie
Thursday, January 20, 2005
      ( 3:38 PM ) Rebecca  
And onto the sleeves....

So I finished the torso for Gerbera (pics to come soon I hope), and cast on for (and began) a sleeve. Although with the lace pattern it appears to be growing uncontrollably. I shall have to go back and re-count and figure out what I am doing wrong before I get too far in.

I also finally picked up the stitches for the Rogue hood. My two projects are neck in neck. (Although I imagine Rogue will win, seeing as I have to make TWO sleeves for Gerbera.)

I saw an old lady wearing a fun fur tube scarf hood with sunglasses the other day, and thought she looked exactly like an alien from an Ed Wood movie or something. #


Sunday, January 16, 2005
      ( 7:15 PM ) Rebecca  
House of Flying Daggers

On knitting news, I finished the left (or is it right) front of Gerbera while waiting for a VSS DB to rebuild at work today.

We went to see House of Flying Daggers. You should see this, firstly to support the showing of Chinese/Hong Kong movies in the US (because there were only *THREE* other people in the theatre. THREE.), but mainly because it was just an amazingly good movie. I think that Crouching Tiger had a better mix of action and romance, but this movie had action, some beautiful filming, and the best love story. And of course, major girl power, with an association of female warriors. And BEAUTIFUL costumes. Just lovely. Bring Kleenex, it's a Chinese movie.

What are you doing reading blogs? Go see it! #


Saturday, January 15, 2005
      ( 1:50 PM ) Rebecca  
Scary deliveries

I'm telling this story, partly as a public service message.

Yesterday I worked from home, and Fedex came with a box from I have never in my life ordered anything from them (nor was planning to), so it was kind of odd. I opened it up, wondering if it was some kind of bizarre late Christmas gift, and there were some framed art prints in there. I called the number and asked who ordered it, and was told they can't give out billing info but the billing and shipping address were the same. I told him that I had never ordered from them. He then asked me my credit card number. I said, "I'm not giving you my credit card number! I didn't order anything" at which point he said the last four digits were WXYZ. I checked one of the 2 credit cards that I use for online/mail order purchases only, and sure enough the last four digits of one were WXYZ. I immediately called the credit card company and told them what happened. Apparently the charge was for around $250! It was the only errant charge, so we cancelled the credit card and she is going to send me out an affadavit to sign. In the meantime, is having Fedex come next week to pick up the boxes. Later in the day, I got a call from asking me if I had placed an order with them. I said, no, but I had received one, and after a long conversation with a guy named Rock found out that whomever had placed this order had my (unlisted) phone number. EEK! And apparently I was not the only one this happened to yesterday. So the moral of this story is, check the charges on your credit card account regularly. If the credit card thief had had it delivered to his or her home or some other address, I never would have been alerted to this.

In other non-knitting news, I was very sad to find out today that the local Scandanavian food store seems to have gone out of business. I was in the neighbourhood and was going to stop in to look around, and the store was emptied out. Where am I going to get my shrimp cheese in a tube now????

Still have not begun the hood on Rogue, still working on the left (or is it right?) front side of Gerbera. May have made the neckline a bit deep, but we shall see. #


Wednesday, January 12, 2005
      ( 8:06 PM ) Rebecca  
Do not eat iPod Shuffle

Not much knitting news... just got back from SnB and started on the front decreases for Gerbera (whoo hoo!) I find that yarn hard to measure because it's stretchy so you say to yourself "Hmm... is this 5 inches or 5.5 inches?"

Anyway, when explaining Apple's new hardware to DH (who had been under a rock for the last couple of days apparently), I was showing him the site for iPod Shuffle. My new favourite advertising line is "Do not eat iPod Shuffle" (see bottom of the page). It's up there with "Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball" from SNL. I realise I am typing this on my iBook, so I'm biased, but Apple is such a fun company. #


Sunday, January 09, 2005
      ( 5:23 PM ) Rebecca  
And onto the hood....

Yes! Sleeve #2 is done! (It looks suspiciously like sleeve #1, so I won't bother to post pictures. In fact, I've now lost track of which is which.) So now it's onto the hood. More cables.

New Englanders are funny. We always talk about the weather, and generally complain about it. I think it's just that we are used to it being so changeable, so there is always something new to talk about. One of the things I love about New England is that when you get bored to tears of a season, it's over and there is something new. Anyway, I hate driving in snow and ice, but when you get rain and it freezes, it leaves everything so stunningly beautiful. Driving around this morning, the trees were crystalline, and it was like being in a fairy world. Almost makes the fact that I couldn't get up the road again yesterday morning worth it. #


Thursday, January 06, 2005
      ( 2:32 PM ) Rebecca  
Oh yeah, it's winter

It snowed a little yesterday and a lot last night. I didn't go to SnB (although it had very little to do with the snow and more to do with things we needed to take care of). Missed the knitting time and the people. I was also looking forward to talking to Erica about Garden State. Great, great movie. So much fun. Go rent it. Now. The soundtrack was great too, I ordered it as soon as we finished the movie and Amazon shipped it, so it should be here soon. Can't wait.

I finished the increase part of the sleeve for Rogue finally and am slowly but surely decreasing. We have a new sofa (there is something to be said for post-New Years sales) so I am looking forward to sitting on it and knitting. So maybe I can wrap that sleeve up soon.

I also added a Bookcrossing link to my sidebar. Wow, I guess that's about it. Maybe I'll get some knitting time tonight. #


Saturday, January 01, 2005
      ( 6:23 PM ) Rebecca  
So this is the new year...

Happy New Year everyone! Hope everyone's celebrations went well, and that 2005 is a great year for all.

I have two New Year's resolutions, both fiber-related. #1, not to start any new projects until I've at least finished 2 current WIPs. #2, to clean out my sewing room and ebay some quilting fabric and whatnot (things I will never ever use and I know better). I won't make resolutions for the following (in case I won't stick with them, what's the point of resolutions you won't stick with), but here are a few things I'd LIKE to do this year: #1, finish some sewing projects that are half done, like the Regency dress I started last summer, and #2, don't buy any yarn (except the missing skeins for Cosi) until I have knit the "planned stash". Unfortunately, that means I can't do Mariah until I've made Cosi and something from the Rowan Plaid book and the Icelandic Lopi sweater. Oh well, Mariah Fall 2005! Maybe I can get a good deal on yarn.

I've gotten the back done on Gerbera!!!

And some more work on sleeve #2 for Rogue:

I still forgot to take pics of the stitch markers, and they are in my knitting bag. Grr. NEXT time.

And my new favourite cool web site? Book Crossing. A way to share books and follow their journey from person to person, how cool. Let me know if you want to read any of my to-be-liberated books, I'd be happy to share them. #



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