Knitting and a Movie
Tuesday, April 26, 2005
      ( 7:27 PM ) Rebecca  
Jude Law Week

Apparently, this week is Jude Law Week. It's not hard since he was in a gazillion movies last year. Besides, every week should be Jude Law Week. We watched Closer (it was OK, I'm not really sure if I liked it or not, but it was entertaining at any rate), and A Series of Unfortunate Events (VERY fun), and I started watching Wilde which I like but makes Dave too uncomfortable. Why is it that a man has no problems watching 2 girls kiss on-screen, but when it comes to men kissing on-screen, that's too scary?

Anyway, here's the "Seeya later" photo for Hobo, fun colours, no?

We will bring you back out when you no longer give me memories of blood and painful noses.

I actually picked Gerbera back up. I'm almost to the colourwork on sleeve #2. I am thinking of trying to go to Iceland again this summer and Ingimar tells me it gets to 14 degrees C at the absolute warmest so I might actually be able to wear it there on a chillier day. IF I go. I really want to, there are so many things I didn't get a chance to see.

Probably not too much posting still the next couple of weeks. I am working on a final project for my class which involves a theatrical adaptation of Frankenstein. (Not the ENTIRE novel, but enough work that I am swamped busy.) #


Saturday, April 23, 2005
      ( 5:20 PM ) Rebecca  
A Funny Thing Happened At Stitch-N-Bitch

We were sitting around knitting this week in the new Barnes & Noble, when suddenly the fire alarm went off! So we gathered up our knitting (and I rescued my iced coffee from potential flames) and went outside. The odd thing was that no one else was moving. People stood there and leafed through books while the ear-blistering klaxon of the alarm went off. Hello??? And none of the employees kicked anyone out. Very odd. I'm pretty sure it was a false alarm, but it sure was a weird experience. Good thing the place wasn't really on fire.

This week has been mostly filled with work work or school work, so not a lot of knitting. I did start the X-back tank and knit one whole skein (or whatever you call a ball of ribbon yarn), so maybe some pictures next week, if things are less stressful. I also snuck in reading The Swan by Gu­bergur Bergsson. And a friend sent me a CD with 4 Smiths covers in Ukranian by The Ukranians. Fabulous. Better than the originals. The guy even sounds like Morrissey.

Today I took some time out and attented a contemplative handspinning workshop which was a lot of fun. It was held in a yurt in the middle of nowhere, and it was nice and cosy and I got to play with handspinning and maybe start to get the hang of it. My yarn looks like utter shite of course, but it was still fun. #


Friday, April 15, 2005
      ( 1:37 PM ) Rebecca  
Yay, it's the weekend!

I'll try not to get hit in the face with any more balls.

This has been a sucktacular week. The short, publicly share-able answer is that Dave was in the hospital Monday through Wednesday, and I'm exhausted. I'll leave it at that.

I'm in one of those moods where I'm just kind of floundering about for something to do. I haven't touched Gerbera in ages. I really should get back on that. But I haven't been to SnB in a few weeks either. Or is it one very long week? Ugh, I don't even know! I think it's two weeks.

To cheer me up from my crummy week, I got four packages in the mail.
#1: some ribbon yarn from Webs to try and make that ribbon tank from Knitty. I cast on and twisted it (WHY do I ALWAYS do that) but it was kind of like a big gauge swatch. So I think I need to use size 10.5 needles, and I think I will make small, not extra small. Corine tells me I should just always make the smallest size, but 30" bust is pretty teeny. I think it's too teeny for even me. Watch me eat my words when it turns into a camp tent.

#2: some yarn from Norway, to make a buttonless cardi from Poetry in Stitches. It kept calling to me. I got enough for two sweaters and I am going to divide off half for a friend. It made the shipping worth it, to go in halfsies. And even without the halfsies, it was STILL way cheaper than buying a kit. The only way I could afford it really. I also got some Hifa Bomullgarn for making a tank from PiS, but I can't make head nor tails of the pattern because it is knit sideways and my copy of the book is in Icelandic. My Icelandic is not quite that good yet. I haven't decided if I will start the cardi this summer or save it for fall. I'm holding off for now, at least.

#3: some perfume from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Yes, I am a perfume addict. It's a really fun scent called Aeval, which is a great green springy floral scent.

#4: a CD from a band called The New Year. I'll add it to the "What I'm listening to" area later. It is really great, there is one song called Chinese Handcuffs which I just want to listen to over and over. The lyrics are so perfect. "I've come to face myself in a staring contest in the mirror where there's more chance of victory than in an argument with you." They remind me a lot of Death Cab for Cutie.

Oh actually there is also
#5: eggs for Tussah silkworms. I'm a little worried, because they eat oak leaves and our oaks aren't ready yet. Someone's supposed to mail me some leaves. Anyone else know where I can get oak leaves? They don't like mulberry leaves like other silkworms.

Well, I'm either off to make orzo and gorgonzola stuffed portabello mushrooms or knit, I haven't figured out which yet. #


Saturday, April 09, 2005
      ( 4:47 AM ) Rebecca  
How to Cure Oneself of a Stockinette Addiction
Step One, bring knitting to a little league practise. Step Two, get hit in face with foul ball, bleeding profusely from the nose.

Somehow I've lost the taste for working on Hobo. I'll take a picture of it for posterity and then it's going to go visit the temporarily abandoned WIP box for some time. Maybe I'll feel better towards it in a month. I can't bear to look at it right now. At least I don't think my nose is broken. I may go to the doctor later on today just to make sure. It's a little swollen still.

In lighter news, if you want something completely silly to put you in a good mood, rent Shaolin Soccer. Very silly, very cute. It makes fun of the typical Hong Kong movie, but it's got some fun camera work and some silly stunts. If you like Jackie Chan, you'd like this one.

And if you've been under a rock, the new Knitty is up. I might try making Ribbon Xback (there was some sale yarn at WEBS that MAY work, check out their sale!) I also like Soleil, so if I need anything from Elann at some point maybe I'll order some of the Endless Summer Sonata. (I think I like the Lara better, too bad about the bad taste in my mouth about Hobo.) And there's always a thing I won't make, but admire nonetheless. Wheelie is that for me.

And interestingly enough, there's an article on an Icelandic artist. The exhibit they speak of wasn't there when I was, so I asked my friend Ingimar if he had heard of her. He hadn't.

Anyway, fun stuff, as always. #


Monday, April 04, 2005
      ( 8:10 PM ) Rebecca  
Addicted to Stockinette?

Well, no pics still, but Hobo is cruising along. It's size 3 US needles, stockinette, how can it be so addictive? Something about the repetitiveness is just really getting to me, which is odd. Usually I want a challenge. Maybe it's just because there is so much going on in my life right now, and the time change and work has me mentally fried, so it's nice to work on something brainless. Poor Gerbera is languishing in the bag. I promise to get back to her. I just CAN'T PUT DOWN this project! (Knits a few stitches in between sentences.)

Dave has his surgery in a week. They'll put in a bone graft from his hip and a metal plate. We are both hopeful that this means his leg will finally start getting better.

To anyone who likes the new Tori Amos CD, I'm sorry, but I am so disappointed. I had a bit of a feeling that this was going to happen, between her lackluster last few releases, and the fact that the song I heard ahead of time (which was one of the best on the album) was good, but nothing special, and then the review I read which called it "Tori Lite", but I had hopes. Oh well. I'll put a few songs on my iPod and then just go file away the CD in my collection.

Reading Frankenstein for my class. It's actually pretty good, much better than any film version. It makes me wonder how they can butcher literature so badly in Hollywood. And it makes me wonder, has anyone done a film about the creation of Frankenstein, when Mary Shelley and John Polidori and Lord Byron and Percy Shelley sat around coming up with ghost stories? The whole thing, and the drama of their various lives, would make a good story. Must have been done before, right? And if not, why?

And speaking of films, I just watched Coffee and Cigarettes. If you are a fan of arty movies and existentialist ramblings, watch this movie. It was great fun. Nothing happened. Jack and Meg White talk about a Tesla coil. Steve Coogan (best known for 24 Hour Party People) disses Alfred Molina (odd twist of things). Iggy Pop hangs out with Tom Waits. Cate Blanchett hangs out with herself. Awkward silences are had by all, along with copious cups of coffee and many cigarettes. What, it doesn't sound exciting? Dave didn't think so either. But I loved it.

Knitting a few more stitches before going to bed.... I hate this Daylight Savings thing. #


Friday, April 01, 2005
      ( 2:13 PM ) Rebecca  

I feel like I should type something in my blog, and I have no energy or motivation to do much else. Today has been the day from HELL. Apparently, servers play April Fool's jokes as well.

I have really been knitting a bit, I went to SnB Wednesday. Gerbera Sleeve #2 is coming along, but I am suffering from shiny-object-itis. So I broke into some more of my Elann yarn (Endless Summer Lara which is a bit thicker than Sonata and in a nice blue variegated colour) and started on Hobo from Rowan #37.

Earlier this week, I got a birthday present in the mail from Iceland, the new Einar Orn CD. (He was the other singer from the Sugarcubes, the one that didn't make it big). It's pretty weird, but fun, if you like experimental noise like Test Department. So I've been listening to it in my car. Today I got the new Tori Amos CD, which I bought myself with (another birthday gift) an gift certificate, so I took out my Einar Orn CD to put it away. It's in this crazy cardboard case that folds up. So I'm putting away my CD when I realise that the case is autographed by Einar Orn himself! How fun. I feel pretty stupid for not noticing this before.

Knitting pics soon. Really.

In honour of April Fool's Day, I leave you with an incredibly geeky link, but it's pretty funny if you work with computers. #



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