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Sunday, May 29, 2005
      ( 5:13 AM ) Rebecca  
Weirdest Knitted Object Ever

OK, well maybe not, but this is pretty neat. A t-shirt with a knitted pouch. (C'mon, you have to look!) I love that artist's stuff, I bought one of his shirts (not pictured on the site) when I was in Iceland.

Let's see... actually made it to SnB this week. Fun times were had by all, we got incredibly silly, and I worked on Xback for awhile. Digi camera has worked its way home, so maybe some pictures later. I have to try it on to see if I am done with the straps on the first side, or if I need a new more inches. The blanket is plodding along as well.

Also Jodi and I went to Michael's and I got some black sparkly fun fur to go with my purple fur yarn to make a psychotically silly guitar strap, one of those days when I am in dire need of mindless knitting. I thought about saving that for the plane trip, but I figured I would horrify whoever was sitting next to me. ;)

And on boring fiber news, I got a nostepinne (I know that's misspelled, but I don't speak Norwegian) and have been skeining up balls of Hifa yarn so that I can split some coned yarn with someone for one of the Poetry in Stitches sweaters. I think I will start it this fall, when my Icelandic will be better for understanding the steek instructions (and even if it isn't, hopefully I'll have an Islensk-Ensk dictionary that's as good as my Ensk-Islensk one). Anyway, if you want to do something that's almost as interesting as watching paint peel, skein up 4 ounces of fingering-weight wool yarn on a noste. I keep telling myself HOW MUCH money I saved by buying the yarn this way instead of buying an unaffordable kit.

Yesterday, I had an ultimate perfume geekery experience, wherein I got to hang out with people and smell tons of Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab perfume, and even sample unreleased scents. There is one called Fire Eater which is coming out which is such a divine floral. Oh, and I got to meet the woman who creates all these amazing scents, that was pretty cool too! Obsessive much? Not me!

Big family get-together today, then I am seeing my oldest friend at her housewarming party, so I'll keep this a short entry. #


Saturday, May 21, 2005
      ( 5:13 AM ) Rebecca  
It's Official: It's Over

The Star Wars series, that is. We watched the new movie last night. Some great moments, some horribly cliched moments. Just like the rest of the new trilogy, it blew the originals away special-effects-wise, but left something lacking as well. And as one friend said, "Now our childhood is officially over."

Yesterday was a very odd day. Somehow Fridays always tend to get insane work-wise right at say 5 or so. Without fail. And of course, there was Star Wars. But the best thing? I finally got my yarn for Rowan Butterfly!! That was a great surprise, I had given up on it. It will take all my willpower not to start it. And that Kid Silk Haze is to die for! So lovely!

Current WIPs: The baby blanket (for a baby I visited this week), which is nearing the end of my yarn, so I guess it's almost done. I have about 2 skeins left, out of 6. And Xback, which I hope desperately doesn't run out of yarn, because I just started decreasing/binding off for straps and now I have one ball of ribbon yarn left. If I run out, I'll have to hope Webs still has more of that colour. Otherwise, ARGH! Fingers and toes are crossed on this one.

And looking forward to July... a friend sent me a link to this beautiful place I want to see when I am there. #


Thursday, May 12, 2005
      ( 5:17 PM ) Rebecca  

I am so bored with that blanket but I do so want to give it to the new mommy, so I've been slogging through. Maybe I will reward myself with working on something from Rebecca magazine, if I can get some yarn. I'd really like to try making the bikini, although I have no idea if it'd be wearable. But it's so cute. I've been thinking about trip knitting for July and I am thinking that cute little mini wrap thing might be good plane knitting. Something on circulars that's not on teeny circulars and not with lots of colours. I thought about starting the Lopi sweater for the plane but thought that could take up my whole carryon if I got going with it. So a cute little wrap or something would be more portable. Any other trip knitting ideas?

I'd love to post a picture of xback and the blanket, but Dave accidentally left the digi camera over a friend's so no piccies till that comes back.

Last night, I went out with my cousin and his wife, a rare occurrence. So I missed my SnB friends, but I had a fun time. We went to a funky little club in New Haven, and I was out far too late for a work night. Back to the blanket for a bit, and then maybe to bed.

By the way, House of Leaves is very weird. Fun, but weird. #


Saturday, May 07, 2005
      ( 7:16 AM ) Rebecca  
New Spam

No, it's not a new form of that lovely (can you hear the irony?) Hormel potted meat food product. Although maybe they should think about it. How about Soy Spam? Kosher Spam? Anyway, I got a spam email today. Instead of telling me how I could have bigger boobs and a bigger penis, or showing me one or the other (which is JUST what I don't want to see first thing in the morning, thank you very much!), it tells me "Don't end up in Hell!" And then it's a very short email of random religious edicts, followed by a string of random unassociated words. I can't really complain about being offended by that, although it is tiresome to delete yet another junk mail that Thunderbird hasn't figured out to identify. Still, part of me wants to send it to Senator Leiberman for his anti-Spam crusade. Somehow I think HE would be offended by that. If the new spam is religious spam, I want to see equal-opportunity religious spam! But really, I'd prefer all of it went directly into my trash without me having to think about it.

After seeing Eclectika's x-back tank, I want to work on mine. But it's been too chilly to think about it, and the baby whose blanket I am feverishly working on was born, so now I really want to push to finish that. I started frogging the Gerbera sleeve but it is just so sad.

On good news, I got an A+ on my class project (did I say what it was? A dramatization of Frankenstein, select scenes.) I'm hoping everything averages out and I come away with an A on the class. On good, yet annoying, news, I bought my ticket to Iceland so I am definitely going, but because I had to do a typical me waffle, I ended up spending around $120 more than I should have... I was ready to order it, then thought "Maybe I should leave Wednesday and not Thursday so I don't get there Friday morning with no sleep" and then had to mull it over for a day while the special ended. ARGH. Anyway, tis done, all arranged, and something to look forward to this summer.

On a book note, I'm reading House of Leaves (have to update my sidebar). And finally, on a movie note, I got to go see Hitchhiker's Guide. I had low expectations, because of the horrible TV version way back. But I was pleasantly surprised. I liked how they handled the book sections, and I like how they worked in the theme song from the radio play. I did NOT like how they handled Zaphod. Zaphod always struck me as sort of James Bond meets sleazy car salesman. Sexy and debonair, he could charm your pants off. Sam Rockwell is NOT sexy, does NOT have a sexy voice, and couldn't charm a flea off a dog. And I didn't like the way the heads were handled, although it certainly made filming easier. And the accent!! UGH. #


Monday, May 02, 2005
      ( 6:07 PM ) Rebecca  
Is it really May??

Today there was frost on my windshield. May 2nd. Weird. Oh well, they had snow in Reykjavik today so at least we don't have snow here.

Since it's been chilly, when I've been knitting, I've been working on a baby blanket for a friend, or Gerbera sleeve #2. I was about to start the colourwork when I realised that I hadn't done enough increasing, so now I have to rip back many rows to get back to where I stopped increasing too early. Grrrrr. Not sure how I managed THAT one. Must take a break from that and concentrate on blanket, I guess, until I stop being frustrated. But I REALLY want to finish that sleeve while it's chilly still, so I can be done with it. Lately it feels like it will never be warm, even though it was quite hot a few weeks ago.

On fun news, it looks pretty likely that I will going to Iceland in July for Verslunarmannahelgi (that's a week everyone gets off). I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the planets align and the complicated logistics all work themselves out, but the airfare is pretty reasonable. #



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