Knitting and a Movie
Wednesday, June 29, 2005
      ( 5:10 AM ) Rebecca  
Heitt heitt heitt!

This is too much, I can't wait for this heatwave to end.

At any rate, I've got pictures:

And I made enough progress on the Rebecca bikini to try it on:

(What, you thought you were going to see it tried on? Sorry, I'd have to be one of those sites that gets searched for when Jodi's blog gets called up if I was going to show you THAT.)

The verdict? 10 stitches too few WAS a feature for my teeny tiny rib cage. However, the pattern as written allows for WAYYY too much side-boob action (hence the reference to pr0n sites), so frog frog frog I go and I am going to shape it a little differently as I do the decreasing. The centre decreasing was OK I think, but the side decreasing has gotta go. Will I have it done before I go? Doubtful. Oh well, I probably wouldn't have time to swim. I should just finish up Gerbera in air conditioning so I can show that off.

28 dagar.


Monday, June 27, 2005
      ( 5:33 PM ) Rebecca  
Iceland is the New Canada?

Well, not really, but they did film a few scenes from the new Batman movie there. And this one redeems itself, after what Tim Burton started got trampled into the dust, one would think a new Batman movie would just be terrible. Christian Bale is so believable as Batman (and finally they pick a Batman that is BUILT like Batman), and this movie has the two hottest bad guys of any Batman movie (Liam Neeson and Cillian Murphy). In fact, seeing Cillian Murphy makes me want to watch 28 Days Later all over again.

But this is a knitting blog. Let's talk about knitting. I've started the decreases on the bikini top, only to discover (when counting stitches to bind off the centre back) that I cast on 10 stitches too few. I am hoping that this is a fabulous move on my part to account for my teeny rib cage, as opposed to a horrendous error that will cause me to rip the entire, annoying-bouclÚ thing out. Time will tell, is it a bug or a feature?

Meanwhile, einhver Š­islegur ma­ur sent me a remastered copy of the Violent Femmes only good album (see sidebar), it is great fun. The audio quality is really good, it is definitely richer than the old record I used to have (which in this heat is probably a puddle of vinyl someplace at my father┤s house.)

30 dagar. I am looking forward to possibly 7░ (Celsius) weather after this horrendous heat that we┤ve had. Although warm Icelandic weather is fine by me too.


Friday, June 24, 2005
      ( 1:24 PM ) Rebecca  
How does it get so hot?

Why is it that somehow we have a beautiful day all day, then in late afternoon it just gets brutally hot? Blech.

It's Friday, I'm done working for the day, with my cel phone on in case some emergency comes up because they always do on Fridays. Maybe I'll relax and knit or something. Or read some more of Independent People, it's a fun book. And MAYBE even take photos for the blog.

Don't you hate it when you have things going on in your life that you can't really talk about to most people, and you figure the few people you DO talk about them to must be sick of hearing it by now?

But it's Friday. And I'm not at work right now.


Wednesday, June 22, 2005
      ( 5:19 PM ) Rebecca  
╔g sakna Ýslensks kŠrastans mÝns

Hann Štlar a­ kalla mig Ý nˇtt -- ■a­ er gott.

I have made some progress on the top of the Rebecca bikini, but no indication as to whether or not it will fit. I┤m not a big fan of that Domino yarn -- I think bouclÚ yarn was created by a sadist. But if you use it, you must use Addi┤s. I tried swatching on other needles and it was just painful. I┤m supposed to knit straight for 10 cm and I have 7. Slow going.

I owe photos for that and the purple sleeve. I hope to update that this week. I┤m so sleepy lately, I blame the heat. I made it to a fun Special Saturday Edition SnB which was good, since last week was so hectic and I didn┤t make it at the usual Bat Time. I actually prefer Saturday mornings anyway, it gets your day going early.

On movie news, we watched Howl┤s Moving Castle this weekend. That was a fun movie, typical Miyazaki. The reviews all said it was confusing; I must have watched too many Japanese movies in my lifetime because I didn┤t find it confusing at all. It was very pretty, and a cute story.

And I did finish that Nick Cave book so I┤ve got to update my sidebar. It was very weird. Very, very weird.

35 dagar.


Thursday, June 16, 2005
      ( 5:54 PM ) Rebecca  
Ingen vil veta var du k÷pt din tr÷ja

OK, so I don't speak Swedish, but that is a line from a song byRaymond&Maria, a great Swedish band from one of the many mixed CD's I am listening to. "Nobody will care where you bought your sweater" (and the same song has the great line "nobody will care when you die.") So I'm thinking about calling the sweater from Rebecca magazine that, since "yellow sweater" doesn't really work when it's purple. And go listen to Raymond&Maria, they are great. Ă­islegur Ingimar is tracking down a copy of their CD from Sweden for me.

In more insane project starting, I got some Domino yarn from GGH so I am going to try and make the bikini from the same magazine for my trip. My last knitted bikini experience was somewhat disastrous (unless of course you are my giant stuffed panda, in which case you got a free top to wear), so I'm hoping this one will go better.

It's nice and cool again today which is good. I hope it stays like this. I'm sure that it won't. Really, I'd be perfectly happy if the summer stayed this temperature. I never have time to go to the beach anyway, that's the only thing the hot weather is good for.

I'll leave you with a cute story. I have canvas shopping bags for groceries, and when I am not using them they hang on a nail on the wall of my back porch. The eaves are open because the porch has never been properly finished. I went out there a few weeks ago, and my bags were full of grass and leaves and things, so I thought someone built a nest. The other night I was on the porch looking for a paper bag, and I look up and a bird is staring out of the bag at me as if to say, "What are YOU doing on MY porch??" I apologised and went to look her up in my bird book. I decided based on the shape of her beak (and the style of nest) that she was some sort of wren. The next day I saw her walking out the back door in search of food, and I saw that she had white spots on her face and was sort of brownish coloured, which means she is a Carolina wren. I'm not sure if she has eggs in there or not, the nest is pretty deep. Maybe I'll figure out a way to get a digi photo of her while she is still my neighbour.


Saturday, June 11, 2005
      ( 4:58 AM ) Rebecca  
I guesss it's summer

I can't deny it any longer. We have had this insane summer weather for about a week now. So the (wool) baby blanket has been languishing, waiting to be finished when it's not too hot to touch:

Looking for something cooler to knit, I finished the back of Hobo:

I also got some fabulously discounted Jo Sharp cotton sale yarn from WEBS to make "Yellow Sweater" from the Rebecca magazine, in purple of course. I'm cheating and starting a sleeve as a gauge swatch. If I have to frog it, it's only a little extra wasted time, but if I don't, it's a time saver. Plus I think I'm jumping on the "knit sleeve first" bandwagon, because I hate coming to the end of a project and having two sleeves to knit.

Oh, and I finished XBack at SnB, well, sort of. I still have to weave in the ends. So no photos yet. But look, I remembered how to use a camera! Speaking of SnB, at B&N they were playing some really terrible music. So Denise went over to ask them to play something else. They told her, "We only play music that isn't moving." Think there's a REASON it's not moving??


Thursday, June 02, 2005
      ( 3:24 AM ) Rebecca  
Wardrobe Woes

So it seems to me that I have serious issues with the (purchased) spring/summer sweaters in my wardrobe. First of all, I have maybe 3 or 4 long-sleeved light-weight sweaters. I have a ratty black one (which I still like because it goes with everything). I have a light yellow one which is really pretty but goes with NOTHING I own, except jeans, since I don't usually wear those colours. And I have this ginormous lavender one which is really snuggly but looks like it was borrowed from one of the attractions at the freak show. What I really need is some summer-weight sweaters in blacks, greys, and purples, since THOSE would actually go with my clothes, like the dress I wanted to wear to work today but would freeze in the air conditioning.

So maybe one of my summer projects should be to make a sweater I could actually WEAR this time of year. Boring, I know. I suppose I really should pick up the periwinkle blue BergŔre sweater if I could get through that painful pattern. That would actually go with that dress I was going to wear. I think I want to make that Rebecca wrap in grey or black. I wanted to make it with the purple Jo Sharp whatever-kid-whatever yarn that Elann had, but it's heavier than the GGH Soft Kid yarn, so I don't think it would work.

Sorry about the continued lack of pics. Maybe I can catch up later. I think I am almost done with the blanket (due to lack of yarn). It is coming out a bit too rectangular, but if I had enough yarn to make it as long as it is wide, that baby would be graduating college by the time I was done, and I'm not frogging it now with all the work I've done, so it stays as is. And I haven't had time to try on Xback to measure the strap length, so that's been hanging out waiting for me. You know what? I can start something new soon! Maybe Butterfly.

55 days.



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