Knitting and a Movie
Monday, July 25, 2005
      ( 11:32 PM ) Rebecca  
Finishing Line

Leğurjakkinn er búin ağ laga.
That jacket is finally fixed, my mother showed me a neat technique for repairing it where the stitches are barely visible. Of course, that´s after I repaired the sleeve. Oh well. Don´t think it´s too bad, it´ll do for now.

I´ve got one sleeve onto Gerbera but I still have to do the neck. I had the wrong needle with when I was trying to work on it Sunday. So now I´ve got to see if I can do it tonight, while wrapping up some freelance, or tomorrow.

Meantime, packing is started but still challenging. I´ve got tons of sweaters packed, but no shirts. Hmm. I think I kind of need shirts. Must take care of that. Plus some of the clothes I wanted to bring are still in the laundry. So just to make this vacation really worth it, I´m going to stress incessantly until I am finally on that plane.

I just want to be reading Harry Potter. Or already be in Iceland.

2 dagar!!!


Saturday, July 23, 2005
      ( 8:15 PM ) Rebecca  
Spring Cleaning

When someone you've lived with for more than 7 years is moving out, somehow you end up doing some housecleaning yourself... I guess that's all I'm saying on personal BS today. But I started organising my CDs and getting rid of old clothes and all kinds of stuff like that.

Well, I haven't touched the pieces for Gerbera yet. I plan on working on that and repairing my leather jacket tomorrow. I did cast on for the fuzzy wrap thingie that I plan to work on at Logan and on the plane, and that's in my carryon bag (I cleaned out old stuff and started putting things to bring with me, including backup reading.)

But who has time for knitting when she's finally finished Independent People and started HARRY POTTER??? I have to hurry up before someone starts spilling near me, the other night at the club I thought someone was going to give away the ending!

Oh, and I forgot to rave about súkkalağihjúpağur lakkris (chocolate-covered licorice). Ingi sent me some of that and some that had marzipan too, along with some CDs with songs by Slowblow and Skátar and some other stuff. This is the best stuff ever. Well, you have to already like both chocolate and licorice, but if you do, this is the best candy ever. I never really understood why licorice is so unpopular in the US when it's so popular everywhere else.

4 dagar.


Thursday, July 21, 2005
      ( 9:10 PM ) Rebecca  
Paradise Found

...or at least Gerbera, anyway. Yep, was under the same cedar chest. Apparently that is the place to look for Lost Objects. Have not had much knitting time since in lieu of SnB I went to see that Voltaire show. He is awesome, especially if you are a geeky Goth chick, he is so funny. I even asked after that Icelandic song and he said his ex-girlfriend was Icelandic. Small world, I guess. Anyway, he is performing at the Goth picnic on the New Haven Green Sunday after I get back so I shall go see that, we will have bat cookies on blankets and it shall be fun. If only I had a cool parasol. Oh well.

Hoping to finish Gerbera. It looks like it wants to rain the whole time I am in Iceland, but hopefully the weather will change its mind.

Now in 1 week I will be in bed after having been there for about a day. Yay!!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2005
      ( 4:35 AM ) Rebecca  
The Land of the Lost

Sad news, I've misplaced the body of Gerbera. No clue where it could be. Let this be a lesson to you, anyone else who has too many projects. I've tried the box where the extra Gerbera yarn was, nope. I've searched my sewing area of the attic. I even looked under the couch. I'm sure it will be like when my Denise needles where under my cedar chest and I looked everywhere only to find them there. But I have ONE WEEK to find it. Well, a little less if I really want to finish it. Meantime, I've started the bikini bottom, just for fun. Not finishing that before I go. Maybe just as well really.

Happier news, I found comfortable shoes. This is a very good accomplishment for me, now I have another pair I can wear regularly besides my Doc Martens.

And, weird Icelandic encounter of the day. I am planning to see Voltaire play tomorrow in New Haven, and when I grabbed the link to send to the SnBers to say why I wasn't going, I noticed he had a song in English and Icelandic on his latest album. This is getting downright creepy! (And I didn't even tell the story of the ex-marine who was stationed in Reykjavík that worked in the shoe shop Saturday either!)

8 dagar.


Sunday, July 17, 2005
      ( 4:27 PM ) Rebecca  
Şağ er undarlegt

Watched a weird movie today...Immortel, a half-animated French (but in English) sci-fi movie. The plot was bizarre, but it was very visually interesting. But that's not the weird thing... the weird thing is that once again there was a Sigur Rós song playing... this time it was Hjartağ Hamast. I feel like I am being haunted by Icelandic references in movies for some strange reason.

And on very cool news, I finished sleeve #2 for Gerbera today!!! Whoo hoo! Now I have to sew everything up and do the neckband.

I made some fun stitch markers with my little beads....

And think I have too much going on in my knitting bag?

10 dagar!


Saturday, July 16, 2005
      ( 12:35 PM ) Rebecca  
Movie Goodness

I couldn't possibly let opening night of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory pass without seeing it. Once again, the Tim Burton/Johnny Depp/Danny Elfman team made an incredible production. Johnny channelled the sort of dark side of Wonka that always came across in the books, I had heard reviewers say he was Michael Jackson creepy but I don't really think so, I thought he was just odd. He really had fun with that character. The Elfman scoring of Roald Dahl's Oompa Loompa songs were great, as was the Oompa Loompa performance. The scenery was beautiful. All in all, it was an excellent film and truer to the book, go see it! I also got to see the preview for The Corpse Bride, which looks wonderful, I can't wait to see it.

Then after I got home, I watched Lilya 4-Ever, another Lukas Moodysson movie which Netflix decided to finally pick up. (Now there are two of his you can rent from them). It was a wonderful movie, although horribly sad, although afterwards it made me think that anything I've gone through in my life isn't all that bad after all. I really recommend it.

Today I went to Northampton in search of gifties to bring to Iceland. I got Ingimar some Chuck Taylors because they are horrid expensive there (so now I can feel less guilty about the concert tickets). And I got some great beads for making stitch markers, some little sheep and some pandas. After I play with them, I'll take a picture. Although I am really intrigued by Jodi's shrinky-dink goodness that she's been creating. I'm thinking those one could make some really fun stitch markers with that stuff. MUST...NOT...TAKE ON MORE CRAFTS!!! Also, I had the most fabulous breakfast ever (except the one at the no longer in business Yellow Victorian) at Sylvester's. I have a new favourite breakfast place.

Gerbera sleeve #2 is looking almost done. I may be able to finish that this weekend. And then it's just the sewing up and neck to make.


Wednesday, July 13, 2005
      ( 10:31 PM ) Rebecca  
Still plugging away at Gerbera

I've finished the colourwork and am down to the last stretch of solid grey lacy-pattern. What does this mean? I am VERY VERY close now. Of course, the scary part is coming up, the finishing!

2 vikur!!! 2 weeks from this moment I will be on a plane about an hour and a half out from Logan. I still haven't figured out what to bring, other than Rogue and some jeans and Aveda shampoo. Priorities and all that.


Tuesday, July 12, 2005
      ( 8:18 PM ) Rebecca  
The ultimate in geekery!

A Finnish website has a free pattern for a Tux the penguin scarf (for non-computer nerds, he is the Linux mascot). How can you not have one of these? This would be a great gift for your network admin or something.

I meant to say, I watched Bewitched over the weekend. It was as expected, light-hearted silliness. I enjoyed it, despite the reviews. Anyway, who knew, an Iceland reference in the movie! This is starting to get uncanny now.

And here's a little rant after seeing supermarket tabloids over the weekend and seeing the Feed Lindsay site (which IS funny, but still). I know that stars make more money then us normal people would ever know what to do with, but I still don't think that makes it fair to have their personal lives spread all over the newsstand. I think about all the crap going on in my life and I certainly wouldn't want it spread all over The Star and The Enquirer and all that. I don't even want to blog about it.

Listening to Cat Power to see if I want to check her out when I am in Iceland.


Monday, July 11, 2005
      ( 6:26 PM ) Rebecca  
And back to Gerbera

I was thinking today that it was somehow appropriate that I started this project on my trip to Iceland last year and here I am finishing it in anticipation of going back. It seems feasible to finish before I go, I'm well into the colourwork on the last sleeve (correct number of stitches this time!) so I could be done by the end of this week maybe. Not so sure about the bikini, not only am I frightened by the crochet, but I am not sure I could finish the bottom in 16 days.

Today at work the street vendors are out in Hartford. One guy was standing on the sidewalk offering to do knife demonstrations. A little scary. And then there were some people with a table full of stuff. Which made me wonder... where DO street vendors who sell random stuff get it? Is there some kind of wholesaler that sells ugly cheap sunglasses and knockoff handbags? How does one decide to get into that line of work? And does anyone actually BUY that stuff?

I think when I am in Iceland I am going to see this festival. I like a few of these bands and have heard of a few others. I really wanted to see Ampop at Airwaves and didn't get to so it would be nice to see them. But I'm not one for strict plans or itineraries, so who knows. Maybe something better will be going on when Ampop is playing just like in October. (YIKES!! I just looked at the ticket prices and I am really going to try to go because someone bought tickets for me already. It's a lot of money to throw away!)


Sunday, July 10, 2005
      ( 7:30 AM ) Rebecca  
And the top is done (well sort of)

(Just a quick comment, so everyone doesn't think I'm a heartless bastard for not mentioning the tragedy the day of my last post. By the time I posted, it was like on September 11, the news had been beaten into me all day. In fact, my day was started that day by reading a blog site that I enjoy from a woman who lives in England, so I heard about it right after I awoke. So I just thought a light fluffy post was a good distraction from the horror. This is not to say that I don't feel terribly for everyone in London and the UK right now because I do, we went through this a few years back and I know how awful it is. I just don't understand what makes people behave in such an evil fashion.)

OK, onto the knitty part. I finished the knitting for the top:

If I had to do it again (but no WAY am I frogging it), I probably would have done another 3-5 centimetres in the centre front. It doesn't look so bad in the picture here, but in person it's a little too cleavage-baring. Oh well. Maybe the crocheted edge will help. I've got to figure out how to insert the elastic, that sort of befuddles me, and do the crocheting, which scares me to death because this yarn is hard enough to KNIT with. I think I need to make a crochet project one of these days, like a bag or something, to get me over my terror of crochet.

17 dagar. Best start packing my wool sweaters. And the book I borrowed.


Thursday, July 07, 2005
      ( 6:39 PM ) Rebecca  
Star Wars II.I: The Carny Wars

Went to the local town carnival today. It occurred to me that every ride operator looked like a clone of every other ride operator, down to the number of teeth and the packet of Camels and everything. So I thought to myself, this is what happened before they settled on Jango Fett as the basis for the Clone Army. They came up with this Carny Clone Army, which wasn't quite what they had in mind, so they unleashed them on the local carnivals instead.

Yeah, maybe I watched too much Star Wars.

I've managed to frog back to where I stopped increasing on the Gerbera sleeve, so there I go back to increasing properly and we shall see if I can finish it in the next 3 weeks. I've also finished side 1 of Bikini Top and am well onto the doldrums of side 2 (that 10 cm stretch again). I'm anxious to see if when done it passes the wearability test.

A friend sent me a link to Einsturzende Neubauten recipes. They look yummy too.

I want to be knitting, but instead I am burning CDs/testing CDs/changing CDs/lather/rinse/repeat.

20 dagar!!!!


Sunday, July 03, 2005
      ( 3:14 PM ) Rebecca  
Einangrağur (svo fjarlægur)

It´s amazing how hard it is when someone that you miss is without a phone and an internet connection. I am experiencing email withdrawal.

Bikini top is coming along. I am nearing 50 cm and the end of the ball of yarn, so I will finish whichever comes first. I think it will be the latter.

I wore Cleo around the house earlier but was too shy to wear it in public. May put it on later for around the house hanging.

What a lovely day outside today. Wonderful!


Friday, July 01, 2005
      ( 6:15 PM ) Rebecca  
Mothers, Don't Let Your Children Grow Up To Be Computer Programmers

Or at least don´t let them smash their knee on the desk. OUCH. Hopefully I haven´t seriously injured my kneecap. I was icing it with a ziploc´ed bag of edamame until the seal broke and there were frozen soybeans all over my toes. So I´ll keep this fairly short.

I swear, I am not deliberately seeking out Iceland references, but we watched The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, a film by the director of Royal Tennenbaums starring Bill Murray. Who should suddenly appear on the soundtrack but Sigur Rós. Weird. I heard the first few bars of Starálfur and was just completely shocked. And of course this movie also has a guy playing David Bowie songs in Portuguese throughout, so it´s worth watching for that.

I have managed to catch up with the rearchitected bikini top to where I was before and then some, and the obscenity factor is much lessened now. So this is a good thing. But you never realised how long 50 centimetres of stockinette stitch was until you are knitting 16 stitch wide straps.

It is STILL so hot, but....
26 dagar.



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