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Sunday, August 28, 2005
      ( 8:04 AM ) Rebecca  
Rainy Sunday

I was bored last night and did a Google search for "Icelandic knitting blog" and what was on the top of the list? Mine. How odd. So if you need any advice on knitting in Iceland, let me know. What strikes me as oddest of all is that at work we have a hotel site that we've been going crazy trying to get up there in the Google listings. And I just ramble on about things and there I am. I suppose it's true if you are looking for ramblings that involve Icelandic, Iceland, and knitting that you will find that here. None of the other items even came close, some talk of Lopi sweaters and whatnot. You get a few more hits with "islensk prjóna blog" but I didn't actually go to all of them to see if there was anything really knit-related. One didn't talk about knitting but had a lot of recipes.

At least I'm off the hook mowing today because of the rain. And now I've got Tiger Balm numbing my arms and shoulders.... it's kind of a creepy, losing control sort of feeling.

I've been listening to the new Nine Inch Nails album (see sidebar) and it occurs to me that I am in a different place now -- I don't identify as much with the angst-filled lyrics. Nonetheless, it's still fun. I guess that shows you don't always have to connect with music to enjoy it. It's a new place for me.

Went to lunch at It's Only Natural in exchange for driving down there for computer help. Wow, that's a fabulous place. And they're coming out with a cookbook. If you find yourself in Middletown, CT, you should go there. If you don't, you should buy the cookbook.

And I had a picture taken of Wrap Sweater but it's so blurry because of the hazy yarn. Here it is anyway...

I wonder if it's time to abandon summer knitting (Rowan Hobo) and focus on fall knitting? Or is there still time? Hard to tell..


Saturday, August 27, 2005
      ( 1:45 PM ) Rebecca  
A word of advice

Don't wait a month before cutting the grass, especially when you have an old-fashioned human-powered mower, not a gas-powered one. I am SO HOT and SO SORE. I am longing for Iceland's heitir pottar right about now. A soak in a hot pool would be so nice.

Between mowing and getting my oil changed and watching the fabulous Eddie Izzard on DVD, I finished the back of the wrap sweater. Tease tease tease. Wish I could post pics. I have to help someone fix his computer so maybe in exchange I'll ask for some digi photo snaps. If I remember to bring the sweater back with.

I had heard a rumour that Whole Foods was going to start carrying Icelandic lamb and skyr. This is not true at least of the Hadley, MA store. I emailed them to see if it was just a rumour, if it was only certain shops and not that one, or if it was something that was going to be happening in the future. I'd love to be able to get skyr here.

I had a good idea today. You should be able to borrow pseudo-significant-others, say you are single and like it, or say your significant other is away. You could barter services, like mowing lawns or cooking or figuring out why on earth there is a swamp in the middle of your dishwasher. I'd love the mowing or swamp help thing right about now, I'd make many mostly-vegetarian meals in exchange for anyone who'd be willing to help me with either. Ah well, perfect world and all that.

Ég sakna hans svo mikiđ. 5 vikur. Feels like a millenium.


Tuesday, August 23, 2005
      ( 6:00 PM ) Rebecca  
Multilingualism, Part II
An oldie but a goodie

Decided to play with Google's automated translation feature:
Original text:
Once upon a time, there were three bears. A momma bear, a poppa bear, and a baby bear. They lived in a little house, and liked to eat porridge. One day, their breakfast was too hot, and they decided to go for a walk. A little girl snuck in and decided to try their breakfast. One bowl was too hot, one was too cold, and one was just right.

Google-translated to German:
Einst gab es drei Bären. Ein mommabär, ein poppabär und ein Babybär. Sie lebten in einem kleinen Haus, und gemocht Brei essen. Ein Tag, war ihr Frühstück zu heiß, und sie entschieden, spazierenzugehen. Ein wenig Mädchensnuck innen und entschieden, ihr Frühstück zu versuchen. Eine Schüssel war zu hei, war man zu kalt, und man war gerade recht.

Translated back:
Once there were three bears. More mommabaer, more poppabaer and a baby bear. They lived mash in a small house, and liked to eat. One day, was too hot their breakfast, and they decided to walk. Little Maedchensnuck inside and decided to try their breakfast. A dish was too hot, was too cold one, and one was quite straight.

Or German-French:
Il y a eu une fois trois ours. Plus mommabaer, plus poppabaer et un ours de bébé. Ils ont vécu la mâche dans une petite maison, et voulu manger. Un jour, était trop chaud son déjeuner de aller promener et elle résolument. Ŕ l'intérieur et résolu un peu Maedchensnuck d'essayer leur déjeuner . Un plat était trop chaud, était trop froid, et on était justement droit.

French back to English:
There was once three bears. More mommabaer, more poppabaer and a bear of baby. They lived corn salad in a small house, and wanted to eat. One day, was too hot its lunch to go to walk and it resolutely. And solved Maedchensnuck a little inside to test their lunch. A dish was too hot, was too cold, and one was precisely right.


Monday, August 22, 2005
      ( 7:08 PM ) Rebecca  

The more languages you know, the more impossible it is to find the words you want to say.
Or maybe it's just that some days you can't find words for how you feel.

In a creative rut at the moment. Working on the front of Hobo for what seems weeks only to get like 10 cm done. Don't feel up to working with fuzzy yarn. It's sort of like dealing with people who are overly bubbly on a day you just feel introverted. Too much tactile stimulation.

I'm thinking my next batch of projects that I start will be for charity and then it should be cold enough to work on lopapeysan. It will be comforting, in more ways than one. Mig langar í haustiđ. I haven´t even been in the water once this summer and it doesn´t matter, I just want it to be autumn.


Friday, August 19, 2005
      ( 11:54 PM ) Rebecca  
Things I'll Never Learn...

As I was washing some of my handwashables tonight, I did some reflection, and came up with a list of things that are never going to get through my thick skull:

* Never buy clothes that say "handwash" or "dry clean only"
* Never ask your mother for advice on anything related to your love life, she'll only give you some out-of-context answer that makes you feel shitty
* Never let the cat sleep in your room, he'll only wake you up at 5am meowing and biting your face
* You are never going to actually start that project, don't buy the material for it

If I don't learn my lesson on any of these things, if I could at least learn how to fit washing my special-care clothing items into my regular weekly routine so they don't pile up, I'd die a happy person. I bet you I could clothe a small country with my unwashed dry-clean-only/handwashable clothing.


Wednesday, August 17, 2005
      ( 4:18 PM ) Rebecca  
Or, what you can do with a 600 krónur disposable camera

This is actually a pretty funny story. I just got these photos in the mail from Iceland. They have now beat the photos which I mailed to be processed the day after I got to the States.

Seljalandsfoss from behind:

From the side:

I told this to the photo processing company. "Why is it that I mailed my film the day after I got here, yet the photos which were developed THE FOLLOWING SUNDAY arrived FROM ICELAND before the photos which were ostensibly being mailed FROM THE SAME STATE?"

I was told:
Thank you for contacting our office.  We apologize for delay in receipt of your order. Orders are shipped by 3rd Class Priority Mail which normally takes 3-7 business days for delivery, but can take longer if volume at the Post Office is high. If you have not received your order by 8/25, please let us know and we can then initiate a trace with the Post Office.

Hmm, even at Christmas nothing takes longer than 3 business days to mail within Connecticut.


Sunday, August 14, 2005
      ( 8:16 PM ) Rebecca  

So what do you do when it's the day after the hottest day of the summer? MAKE JAM! OK, so it's too hot to knit, and why is standing over a hot stove a good idea? Well, the elderberries were ripe and not going to wait much longer and there were scads and scads of them (I probably got half of what there was since that was all I was tall enough to reach, and it translated to just over 2 cups).

I have worked on that wrap sweater some more but not today, I couldn't even LOOK at that yarn. And yesterday I misread the decrease instructions and had to frog like 6 rows which is a nightmare in a mohair blend because it sticks to itself. But back on track...


Monday, August 08, 2005
      ( 7:49 PM ) Rebecca  
Non-immigrant Visa Checklist

* Valid Passport
* One Photograph - must be black and white against a white background, where you are facing the camera. The photographer's name must start with the letter J, but it cannot be Jonas.
* $100 application fee - in small bills so that they are untraceable, or preferably in sacks of coins, stuffed inside of a teddy bear. We like teddy bears.
* Completed FU-FRGNR application Form - Please sign and return all 37 pages to the Embassy. If you have trouble reading English (in which case how the hell are you reading this webpage), you may complete it in Icelandic, but you also have to fill it out in English.
* Completed FU-MEN application Form - If you are a male of reproductive age, you must fill out this form, so that we can trace you. Please attach genetic samples to box B and blood samples to boxes Q and X.
* Envelope - Please bring a self-addressed stamped envelope to the interview, because god knows with the $100 we requested we can't possibly pay for postage.
* Court records - May as well bring receipts for parking tickets while you're at it.
* A note from your mommy, saying that she said it was OK that you went.
Applications for tourist visas must also include:
* Proof of Finance - We want to make sure you have enough cash to spend lots of it at Wal-Mart
* Employment Letter - We want to make sure your boss will keep paying you, so you can spend even more at Wal-Mart
* A Detailed Travel Plan - You'd better figure out what you want to do when you get here before you come. Make sure you put "Go to Wal-Mart" on at least twice.
* Proof of Residency - Copies of residence permits, proof of ownership, another note from your mommy, or a picture of your cardboard box.
* A recommendation from the Pope - We know Iceland is a Lutheran country, but you know, the Pope is cool and all that.

OK, so I'm exaggerating a little, but not much.

Why the hell would anyone want to visit us?


Saturday, August 06, 2005
      ( 8:34 AM ) Rebecca  
Iceland Photos
So I should have gotten Ingi to take a picture of me wearing Gerbera, since I don't have access to a digi camera for awhile. Instead I'll give you some trip photos, here are some highlights and you can go to Flickr to see the rest.

This is Kleifarvatn. It is surrounded by black sand, which is really neat looking. Ingi used to go fishing here as a kid. Supposedly the local version of the Loch Ness monster lives here, at least according to a few travel books. It's probably just to keep tourists away, there was no one else here when we went.

This is from Krísuvík, where there used to be sulfur mines. You walk along on a teetery wooden bridge after looking at a big yellow warning sign. The sulfur grows in these pools, I thought it was really neat looking. There are lots of steam vents around here as well.

sulfur mine
Originally uploaded by Rebecca L.

This is for anyone who doesn't believe Iceland is green. There are tons of lush shades of green, mosses, grasses, birches. And this waterfall is just gorgeous. The stone shape is where farmers would gather and sort their sheep at the end of summer. In summer the sheep roam the countryside. Then the farmers get together and sort out which sheep belongs to whom.

Here is a cave where people used to live. (This is at Ţingvellir National Park)



Wednesday, August 03, 2005
      ( 7:56 PM ) Rebecca  
Til Baka

My vacation was way, way too short, and I am back in the swing of working again. Ugh. Some highlights and stories (no photos yet, one of these days I'll have to get me a quad-band camera phone):

I sewed the last sleeve on Gerbera in Iceland, and actually got to wear it when going for a drive someplace. I forgot where we went sunnudagur, we visited Hálldor Laxness´s house but there was some kind of walking around that I am completely spacing on. Oh well, I guess I´ll remember when I see the photos. But anyway, it was chilly during the day that day.

I ate lobster. Always a good thing.

I started that cute wrap sweater on the plane and I´m really going to love it. One of these days I´ll have free time and work on it some more.

I brought back Icelandic shrimp cheese which is way better than that Norwegian shrimp cheese.

I went to the Lush store, but behaved.

I saw Seljalandsfoss, which is one of the most beautiful things ever, and walked behind it. And it was a gorgeous day.

The day before I left, I looked at $500 cameras (which of course I couldn´t afford to buy). Then I ended up having corroded batteries in my crappy point-and-shoot camera, so I had to borrow Ingimar´s 600 kronur 10-11-brand disposable camera. Some sort of irony there.

I braved the incredibly-crowded club NASA to see Blonde Redhead perform. It was so hot I thought I was going to die. I survived, and it was a good show, but I wish I had more time to choose clothes before I went.

And I sat at table with a woman complaining about útlendingar which struck me as really rude, being a foreigner myself, but it was more of a foot-in-mouth thing than a deliberately offensive thing. And I can laugh about it afterwards, so I guess that´s OK.



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