Knitting and a Movie
Tuesday, September 27, 2005
      ( 9:08 PM ) Rebecca  
And the movie part...

First item of business... go watch this TV broadcast of Sk. They are so great.

Secondly, 2046 is playing in American theatres now. Go see it. It is a truly wonderful film. I blogged about it awhile back (because you can always watch Chinese films on DVD before they make it to American theatres), it was just great. Support a good Chinese drama film.

Then if you need to watch another Chinese movie, or need a B-movie fix, rent The Vampire Effect. Ultra-cheesy vampire movie, but beautifully filmed and a cutesy love story. I stayed up too late watching that one the other night.

He comes in about 45 hours now (45 hours sounds shorter than 2 days), so not sure if I will be online much until he goes back. So if not, see you all in October.


Sunday, September 25, 2005
      ( 10:13 AM ) Rebecca  
Bandarsk-slensk kjtspa
(Apologies to any vegetarians)

I am probably 80% vegetarian, but I do like organic, humanely raised meat from time to time. Especially lamb. I figure sheep are perfect farm animals. They can give you milk, cheese, wool, and meat. This cold weather, combined with fighting off a cold, was making me crave kjtspa. In Iceland they sell a spice mix you can use, so I had to sort of reverse engineer it from a few recipes. I think the taste is fairly accurate. I. hates the fatty meat you use to make the soup taste good, so I thought hed like this version since the fat meat doesnt actually make it into the final product.

550 g lamb shoulder chops
2 l water
1 leek, light green/white part cut in half and sliced thinly
3 Tbsp rice
1 small rutabaga (or half large), peeled and cut small
2 medium potatoes, peeled and diced
4 carrots, peeled and diced
1 tsp dried thyme
1 bay leaf
parsley (fresh if available, or dried)
salt to taste
black pepper
If available:
1 stalk celery, chopped
1 tsp dried lovage or 2-3 Tbsp chopped fresh lovage

Cut fat parts and bones off meat, brown them in pot, chop remaining meat. Add water and boil for around an hour. Remove fat parts (nobody wants to eat that, I gave them to the dog). Add the rest of the meat, spices, veggies, and rice (you can add the potatoes later if you like). Cook for 40 minutes to an hour, until vegetables are soft.

Best when reheated the next day.


Saturday, September 24, 2005
      ( 7:15 PM ) Rebecca  
5 days isn't short enough

I think I'll try and focus on fluffy knitting content. Flipping through a catalogue and saw this lovely design from Dale #153

Think it would work really well in the KnitPicks cotton/modal blend yarn. Perhaps I will have to make it next summer.

Then I noticed that there is a new Prjnablai:

I wanted to ask I. to bring it for me but I need more knitting projects like I need a hole in the head. (By the way he tells me that the traditional lopapeysa design like on the back of the magazine was designed by Auur Laxness, the wife of Halldr Laxness, but a quick web search doesnt yield any corroboration, so I dont know if its an Icelandic urban legend or if thats really true.)

Working with KnitPicks Crayon (100% cotton boucl yarn) for another charity project and I am really liking it. Might think about making Christmas gifts with it. If only I had a million hours of free time....and right now I feel depressed enough to just crawl under the bed, which is sort of like negative free time.

Oh well, no time to wallow, have to clean the house for his visit next week.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005
      ( 6:27 PM ) Rebecca  
Nja Sigur Rsar platan er komin t

The new Sigur Rs album (entitled Takk) is great. Especially the tracks Gong (reminds me of newer Radiohead) and Sglpur.

I started knitting a scarf with the Knitpicks laceweight Alpaca yarn, with the intention of donating it to a church thing. Havent decided if I like the resultant fabric. I keep knitting it though while I try and figure that out. I keep waffling on the whole charity knitting thing. When you have so little free time, its hard to give of yourself by using it for charity. On the other hand, I end up feeling guilty. So there are things I really would rather be working on that I just dont have time for. But I dont have a whole lot of time OR money OR anything else to give. It puts me in a whole ethical bind. Of course, when you waste all kinds of time in front of the computer because your SO is thousands of miles away and its the only way to talk.... I dont know. Maybe I just have to get better at knitting and typing at the same time.

On the good side, he comes in 9 days. And is bringing a Moomin DVD with him. Hann er islegastur. He knows the way to a girls heart is with strange hippo-like trolls.


Tuesday, September 13, 2005
      ( 10:16 PM ) Rebecca  

I was thinking tonight, why just restrict resolutions to New Year's? Seems like they are good to have all year round. Like for example, with the broken dishwasher, I made a resolution to do the washing up every night. (Of course, day two of that resolution and it's out the window, just like New Year's. This has something to do with cleaning out the fridge tonight, though, which is always a good thing.) And I'm thinking of making a resolution to try and take the bus to work at least twice a week, starting next week (since this week is insane customer training week).

I wanted to work on some fun project tonight but g er mjg syfju from being up late working last night and anyway I've been doing work stuff and am finally just giving in for the night to go to bed. Maybe I can make a resolution for more fun time.


Monday, September 12, 2005
      ( 10:58 PM ) Rebecca  
The Winding Road

I bought a bunch of coned yarn to split AGES ago to make a lovely cardi from Poetry in Stitches. And I've been winding it. And winding it. At least that was something I could do with an injured finger. I am SO CLOSE, some more white and blue and then I can give her the yarn and start mine one of these days, when I am done with charity knitting. Now that my finger is doing better, I've started back on the dominos. I still haven't had much knitting time. Been playing catchup on my injured finger. And wasting time. Watching the knitting mailing list fallout saga. Talking to my loved one who is so far away. Working. Things that arent knitting.

With the gas prices, and the stress at work, and the annoyance of traffic, and the lack of knitting time, Ive been seriously thinking about taking the bus, as annoying as it is. We shall see. This week is Meeting Central but maybe next week Ill see if I can get the schedule to work. Just think of all that uninterrupted time Id have to knit or read and not stress over traffic and not brush my fairly new car against posts in the parking garage (not that I did anything like that this morning or anything.)

Meanwhile my computer has gone completely insane. IE and Mozilla (and my email) refuse to display or anymore. Safari cant figure out which language I speak. Google defaults to Icelandic now (I didnt set anything) and Blogger came up before in Japanese. Good thing my rusty university Japanese recognised the kanji for "language". I clicked the "go" button and got my language selection screen, where I could set it back to English. Very kind of Safari to select random languages that I at least have spoken in my lifetime. If it was Korean or Vietnamese or Russian or even Portuguese Id be out of luck. I feel like a failure as a computer professional, not being able to sort that stuff out.

Pretty soon I have to figure out what to bring when I sit around the airport to pick him up. Ill probably bring some fun project, and traffic will suck, and customs will be fast, and I wont wait at all. ;)

17 dagar ( sland nna 16 dagar)


Thursday, September 08, 2005
      ( 6:57 PM ) Rebecca  
Miki Silliness

DUDE! What's with the ROKR phone! I mean how 80's! It just needs an umlaut for complete 80's metal silliness. "Yeah man, I got a RKR phone, I'm going to talk to my friends and listen to tunes in my bitchin' Camaro!" Cool idea though. (But I still don't understand why none of these phone manufacturers will sell me a phone I can use to text in Icelandic in the States. All I want to do is to have the same language support you get in Europe!)

What else have I been doing while waiting for my fingers to mend...certainly not knitting... or much. I did 3 dominos. It's painful to knit right now. Sucks. So I've been lamenting over the Stepford Wives-ification of my favourite knitting list. New list mommies, now it's blander than Farina. It used to have attitude and obnoxiousness and talent and fun. Now it's just a waste of my precious time. Fortunately today I discovered the yahoogroup created to bitch about it. At least that's good for a laugh. Since I can't knit anyway.

New Knitty is up. Some nice stuff. I really want to make the cover wrap, Arisaig. Lovely, really. I need more cardis in my life. Thinking I may knit the cardi version of Eris after all. One of these days.

I leave you with a link to a Sigur Rs interview. Haven't had time to hear the whole thing, but it's fun. Go check it out.

3 vikur dag!


Saturday, September 03, 2005
      ( 5:04 AM ) Rebecca  
Good news, tech woes

Before I go on about my good news, let me just say it is so horrible about the hurricane. Seems like there has been too much dreadful news lately. I wish I could donate blood or something (between my weight and the tattoo, that is right out, and I have no money to give.) Actually, if you want to donate blood, wait 2 months. Or a month. Everyone will be in help-mode and then the blood supplies will be low later.

So I got some good news this week, 1) Neither finger is broken (although they are in a splint and the knitting is a bit challenging so I've been winding balls) and 2) I. jumped through all the fiery hoops (look at archives for my rant) and the tourist visa is all set for < 4 weeks from now (not that I was really worried but you know, loose ends and all that).

On dorky tech news, google has a new chat program. Haven't tried it yet, signed up. It's based on Jabber (geek talk, almost as bad as Icelandic talk! ;)) It supports voice chats so I'm curious to play with it. I'm kind of aggravated with technology anyway which segues into my rant: Mozilla stopped supporting Icelandic characters for me. Since I use Thunderbird as my email client, this is really aggravating. I have ranted on their forums, I have filed a bug, no luck so far. And to make things worse, Cingular apparently has decided not to allow my phone to receive international text messages. I can send them, but not get them. (I don't think it's Siminn because you can send to other countries fine from them, just not my phone.)

Oh well, off to eat breakfast and clean my house.


Thursday, September 01, 2005
      ( 5:38 AM ) Rebecca  
Knitting with Bashed Fingers

Oh all kinds of fun things to report on. Yesterday I got a Fun Box from Knitpicks. It's all yarn for charity projects, it was crazy cheap, and it's really lovely yarn. I got some of the Alpaca lace yarn for a scarf from Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and it's really gorgeous, and their cotton yarn is so soft! Wish I could post a picture. So of course when you get fun new yarn, it's Murphy's Law that you get your fingers bashed in the door! After icing them the better part of last night, I was able to do some knitting, since they are the middle two on the right hand which I don't use so much in my knitting. Thank goodness. I've started playing with Domino Knitting, which is strangely addictive. And you can do one domino square before you go to bed if you don't get much time to knit, so you feel like you've accomplished something. They are like magic. I hope to be able to post photos.

I also got the current issue of Take Back the Knit. Go get one, it's really fun. I didn't expect such a high-quality production from a zine. And check out her site on how to contribute as well.

Yesterday was the half-way point between visits, thank goodness. It's all downhill from there. And elskan mn is playing next week with Drin. You should go check out their site, it's really fun.

4 vikur dag.



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