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Sunday, January 29, 2006
      ( 9:21 AM ) Rebecca  
No interesting title ideas
So I finally got pictures...
Isn't it amazing how long it takes you to finish the smallest things? All I need to do is find a needle and do a few rows and that lopapeysa is just hanging out waiting...

I have made some decent progress on that shawl this time, though:

And here is that silly Elvis clock we bought:


Friday, January 27, 2006
      ( 4:10 AM ) Rebecca  
New York, New York

I have no knitting content, because I am due for taking some pictures and haven't got round to it.

We went to New York City this weekend to see Spam-a-Lot, thanks to Eklectika reminding me about it when she posted. It was hilarious. We dressed to the nines (well for us) because after all, it is a Broadway show. I wore a 1940's dress and a 1940's (or someplace around there) Mincala (artificial mink) coat. But it was amazing to see how many people came out in jeans! Come on, it's the theatre!

We also did some sightseeing. We went to the Empire State Building which we decided beat Halldr Laxness's house for Bad Tourist Experience. First you go in and people try and sell you crap. Then you take an elevator to the 80-somethingeth floor and you walk around while they take a photo of you in front of a backdrop of the building (we snuck past) and some guy yammers on about why you should spend more money to get the audio tour. Then you finally make it to the elevator where you go up another few floors. Then you have to wind your way through the gift shop to get out. Finally you get to look around, there's the nice part. It is a pretty amazing view. When you go back in, you have to wind your way around again to take the elevator down a few flights (although the elevator line was so long they let us take the stairs down those 6 flights) so that you can wind your way around again and they can try and sell you those souvenir photos. Finally you make it to the bottom and that's the best part. You can just walk out and see the pretty lobby and nobody tries to sell you anything. I think they missed a real opportunity to try and sell some kind of souvenir video. If we ever go back, I'm sure they will do that.

We also went to Hard Rock Cafe. I was impressed at how nice of a touristy chain it was. They had some really nice memorabilia, and the food was halfway decent. And they didn't serve you enormous portions like some of those chain restaurants do. Must be because it's a British chain.

Pictures to come soon, I promise. I'm making some nice progress on the shawl, I've gotten a few rows of eyelets already.


Friday, January 20, 2006
      ( 5:36 PM ) Rebecca  
Third time's the charm?

Lopapeysan er ALVEG bin. I finished all but the ribbed neck. I've got to switch to a smaller circular and now I've forgotten what I've done with it. I think I put it away with the Denise needle set. We were watching some movie or other, so since I didn't have time to look for the needle, I had to start something new.

So of course it was Hulda's shawl from rhyrnur og langsjl. First problem, when I called to order the yarns, the colour numbers had changed from when the book was originally published. I was sitting knitting and thought, "This brown is REALLY pale." We looked around for a colour card for Loband and found one here. Sure enough, the browns I had were lightest brown, medium darkest, and second lightest, instead of second lightest, medium, and medium darkest. "This will not do," I thought. Ingi promised to get me a new skein of the missing colour when he goes home at the same shop he got the book. So I ripped all 7 or so rows out and cast on with the correct brown (the colour I am missing is the middle colour for the border, so I can wait), and proceeded to knit. Next evening, about 7 rows in again, it occurred to me that I misread the chart and completely missed the decrease on the second stitch of every row! (HOW does one miss THAT???) So rip again she went. This is not a complicated pattern, folks. Ah well, so Ive cast on with the proper yarn and am remembering the decreases.

If anyone like me cant commit to the Knitting Olympics, here is a great alternative. Im not sure that I can commit to not starting anything, though.


Monday, January 16, 2006
      ( 5:56 PM ) Rebecca  
Lots Accomplished

We've been busy. We've managed to weatherproof the house (is that the right term?) A LOT. Ingi recaulked all the windows and put up weatherstripping and it actually feels WARM finally. It is so nice. We also cleaned the front area when you first come in and donated something like 7 bags of clothes. While we were donating, we bought a funny Elvis guitar clock. I promise to post a photo soon.

I've gotten a lot done on lopapeysan as well. I'm done with the flowers or whatever they are, and there are just a few more rows left of the neck. Maybe 7 or something, I'm not sure. Then there's the neckband after that. I took the bus today to work and almost finished the 2nd wristwarmer.

We also watched a couple of REALLY good movies. Lukas Moodysson's Tillsammans and the Danish movie Gamle mnd i nye biler, which is the funniest thing EVER.


Sunday, January 08, 2006
      ( 9:24 AM ) Rebecca  
Pictures, FINALLY!

So now I am the proud owner of a cheap digi camera and I downloaded myself a copy of Graphic Converter, which I am going to buy later on. (This is a great image editing shareware program for Mac OSX, which is good because I don't have a version of Photoshop for this machine.)

So without further ado:
This came in the mail yesterday:

I desperately want to cast on but maybe I should finish this first:

Or at least the other one of these lace armwarmers....


Tuesday, January 03, 2006
      ( 5:58 PM ) Rebecca  
Meira snjr, aftur a vinna

We had another big snow storm and I was back to work after 10 days off (well including weekend days). I decided to take the bus in rather than drive in that mess and worked on my sock. The black (contrast) yarn managed to get badly tangled so I read on the way home after getting fed up with it.

After dinner we made hot chocolate with real chocolate, none of that powdered instant cocoa crap, we used Ghiradelli baking chocolate and I scraped in some vanilla bean seeds and I whipped up the rest of the Christmas cream with vanillasugar and it was wonderfully decadent.

Oh and news I forgot to add, I am supposed to get a hand-me-down digi camera so I will have photos on the blog again soon!

I made some more woolwash yesterday, here's the best recipe for wool wash, I don't bother with Eucalan anymore:

Wool wash
3 c warm water
1 c Dr Bronner's lavender soap
1/2 tablespoon sodium laurel sulfate
1/2 teaspoon cedar oil
1/2 teaspoon lanolin

Mix ingredients in jar with lid. Shake well.

(I buy my supplies from Snowdrift Farm. They are great, have good prices, good sales, are a nice small business, and they have good quality EOs. In fact, I sometimes get better essential oils from them than from so-called aromatherapy places.


Monday, January 02, 2006
      ( 5:10 PM ) Rebecca  
Gleileg ntt r

So we're 2 days into 2006. We went to see Walk the Line today (VERY FUN movie) and bought CDs at Cutler's and had lunch at Claire's. What a nice day. I was so impressed that Joachin Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon did all the singing in that movie. Joachin sounded an AWFUL lot like Johnny Cash.

New Year's Eve his family traditionally have reindeer in Iceland. We didn't find any, so we got some venison from my brother-in-law, which almost turned into an adventure because it was snowing. We got to see Hartford fireworks through the snow as we drove home. The recipe we made turned out kind of awful, because the meat pieces were so thin and we forgot they were in the oven so it was kind of overcooked. Well, it was OK, but not great. And the sauce recipe we made wasn't so great. But we watched Elvis Costello on Austin City Limits and it was a fun evening anyway.

2005 projects in-process: 1 lopapeysa (yoke patterning chart 1 done!), 2nd lace wristwarmer, 2nd norskur sokkur. Next project to start: Hulda's triangle shawl from rhyrnur og langsjl. Hopefully I bang one of those out before I get the new yarn.



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