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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Just Right Yarn
My in-laws sent us assorted candy when they sent our Christmas gifts from Iceland (chocolate-covered licorice, Opal, and so on). Friday night we dumped the remaining candy into a bowl to have in front of the television. Saturday noonish we were grabbing licorice whips out of the bowl and I noticed that the chocolate covered licorice was all gone. Ingi figured B grabbed it in the morning. So later on we sat down to watch TV and I said, "What is the dog EATING?" (She was crunching and crunching like she was eating a bone, only there was no bone.) I looked at the floor and front of her and realised she had stolen the rest of the Opal (it's kind of a hard candy that gets kind of chewy when you suck on it) out of the bowl, and was chewing and chewing, I think the candy was sticking to her teeth. Now, I know that dogs aren't supposed to eat candy, and I guess we learned our lesson to not leave tempting candy where dogs can reach, but the sight of her chewing on that Opal was the funniest thing.

Anyway, I did some swatching and testing and swatching.... I decided the original 2 colours wouldn't work together (actually, they look better in the photo, but they are too close in value and the green doesn't really stand out very well).

And I also figured out from my test swatch that in this pattern I really use a lot more of the background colour than the pattern colour. (I was going to bore everyone with the maths but I decided not to, basically I knit a swatch in pattern then ripped it out and measured the 2 yarns). SO... I bought a new purple on sale at the LYS, since they didn't have that green, and I should have enough green to use it as the pattern colour. (The green yarn is Jamieson & Smith Shetland wool yarn, which can be ordered direct, and the purple is Jamieson (different brand) Shetland Spindrift, which is generally a ripoff unless one can find it on sale.)

We also got a really fun surprise in the mail Saturday: The new Shins album.

Yes, it's VINYL. If you order it on vinyl, they will give you a download code to get it as MP3s. Which is just fine with us, then we can listen to it in the car if we want. There is something really fun and cool to get a vinyl record still. And yes, it DOES still sound better than CD, isn't that funny. Oh, and what makes it even cooler, is the release date isn't even until Tuesday.

And the other fun surprise... we were really hungry when we were out shopping today and decided to check out this new Shish Kebab house nearby. We figured it would be sort of like a glorified takeout place, and were surprised to find it was actually a kind of fancy expensive restaurant. But it was SO GOOD... totally worth it. And now we want to try out Afghan cooking, the spices were just so great. I recommend this place, and I guess they have a restaurant in California too.


At 2:28 PM, Beth S. said...

There's an Afghan restaurant near my office, and it is really, really, REALLY good. I haven't been there in a year or two but I can still remember the pumpkin dish I had the last time we went. It was fantastic!


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