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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Trip to the Library

I've been wanting to post photos, but it's been hectic. This weekend was B's birthday, and the newly-11-year-old wanted Duck L'Orange. So of course I asked my mother-in-law for her recipe. (She is a couple of thousand miles away, and I still feel like she has a big influence on my cooking, I find myself a better cook for things I have learned from her. Everyone should work on cooking their wedding party food with their mother-in-law. ;)) It was rather time consuming, but it came out fabulous (as her recipes always do). Then I spent a lot of the weekend working, oh and we finished watching the very last episode of Buffy, which is sort of what? (OK, I'm way behind on my TV watching, when did that show end?)

Anyway, since I don't have photos, I wanted to do book reviews from my recent library trip.

Mason-Dixon Knitting
I have to admit, I didn't get the hype on this book. Then I borrowed it from the library. What is so great about it is it's a great inspiration for creative ideas. I might make nothing from the book, but it gave me so many ideas for other related projects. And I think a lot of the time that's what I want from a knitting book... just a source for good ideas. Plus it's really entertaining to read.

Romantic Home Sewing
This isn't a knitting book, but it's again a great source for creative ideas. There are a lot of cute sewing projects in this. I definitely want to get me a copy of this. And there is a great felted pencil holder thing (which is supposed to be done with a prefelted sweater) which gives me an idea for a knitted felted project. Stay tuned...

The Mitten Book AKA The Swedish Mitten Book AKA Gottlandska Stickmonster
This is such a fabulous out-of-print book, and if anyone finds it for me at a reasonable price I will be forever indebted (in English or the original Swedish, or any other Scandanavian language... heck, I'd probably take it in Japanese if someone found it). Just after getting it from the library, it was on ebay, but sold for too much for my wallet.

It's basically just a series of charts for pretty colourwork mittens, and some basic mittens instructions. The mitten swap mittens I am making take the pattern from there, it's called Lingonberry.


At 11:48 AM, Beth S. said...

It's funny, but cooking is exactly what I do with my mother-in-law too. Our lives are so radically different, it's sort of the only thing we can really share. (And she's GOOD, too. I've learned some incredible things from her!)

At 12:06 PM, Maggan said...

I´ll look out for you here in Sweden after that book. I have never seen it my self but I´ll check on Swedish Ebay and a place quite like Ebay. If I find it, I´ll let you know.


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