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Friday, June 08, 2007

Fitting Woes

I've been knitting long enough to know better. Part of the problem is that my tape measures seem to have all run off with the gypsies. Or whomever it is that tape measures run off with. At any rate, I thought this sweater seemed to be long enough, until I finished the lace bit (the really complicated lace chart bit that took days) and realized the sweater didn't measure the number of cm it was supposed to. No problem, I thought. Well, let me just pretend to try it on (since it's kind of hard to try on without a back attached to it), so I draped it over myself.

Time to rip...

Oh well.... think this sweater is getting put away for a few weeks until I can bear to look at it again.

To end on a cheerier note, I saw this tea cozy today, wouldn't it be cool to make something like that?

Today is my husband's birthday so I am off to finish cooking dinner, if the meat is finished thawing.


At 6:04 PM, Hilde C. said...

Oh, what a pity you have to rip it. That always ruins my motivation. I hope it doesn't ruin to much of your motivation, it's going to look great :-)

At 8:41 AM, A South Park Republican said...

Ack! That is horrible. Can you graft more ribbing onto the bottom instead of ripping back?

At 1:18 PM, Beth S. said...

Ripping is in the air right now, alas. But I'm sorry it had to happen to your sweater!

I'm pretty sure aliens are responsible for all the missing tape measures. ;-) It's the only answer that makes sense. ;-)


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