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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oh, Deer

Every morning, I go make coffee and get a glass of orange juice and drink my juice while reading emails. This morning, I looked out the window and I saw a black-tailed deer. Sadly, I don't have a decent camera, so I couldn't get a picture. Which is really too bad, because they aren't from around here, they are from the other side of the country. Because of this, I emailed a guy from the Audobon Society, and he told me he has NEVER heard of one of these deer being in my state. This deer was definitely one of these deer, he had the long, black-striped tail, I noticed it because he was different from any deer I ever saw. The theory the Audobon Society guy had was this deer had escaped from a local zoo. I tried asking them, but it wasn't their deer. Now I am horribly curious.

I have actually been doing some knitting. Last weekend was the third samprjón. I guessed the correct answer, which is Saartjes Bootees, but when I emailed Sonja to guess, I stupidly managed to delete the actual text of the guess. (Not sure how that happened!) Anyway, I think Marit guessed first anyway. ;)

I knit them in Rowan Cotton Cashsoft, which is really lovely yarn and I want to make every baby gift ever out of it. It is cotton, angora, and cashmere. This pattern is a fun knit, I struggled with figuring out the long-tail cast-on, but finally Jenna showed me how. So now I have to make the second bootie (actually almost done) and then sew them together.

Regarding my sweater mishap from the last post, I have not ripped it yet. It occurred to me that it is cotton, and cotton sometimes has a way of growing in the wash. I have to go find my swatch or make a new one, and see what washing is going to do to this sweater before I decide how to handle it.

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At 5:42 AM, Hilde C. said...

Rowan Cotton Cashsoft sound like a wonderful yarn - I probably have to try it now :-)

At 10:15 AM, Dísa said...

Gleđilegan 17. júní!

At 5:27 AM, Maggan said...

How exciting with the deer!! It´s always fun to watch animals but xtra when it´s an unusal speice.


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