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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Christmas gift knitting begins

I haven't been able to get a picture of the shawl in-action, or Aftur (which I actually wore today, since it got cooler). So here's something I started this week (excuse the blurry picture, hopefully I can get a shot with better lighting later):

It is the Horcrux socks, from the Yahoo Group Six Sock Knitalong. I just joined this group, it's pretty cool. They have a pattern every other month to knit. This one is a fun knit, it's complicated enough to be interesting, but is good for mindless knitting as well. The Elfine socks require more concentration.

The yarn is Lion Brand Magic Stripes. It normally wants to be knit at a bigger gauge, but I used smaller needles and forced it to work. Once again, I think the lightning bolts would stand out in a less busy yarn, but all the sock yarn I have is the busy kind. That should be fixed soon, more on that later.

The socks are intended for my sister, I think she will like the colours.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Lovely weather

We are having the most beautiful, sunny weather. It makes up for all the rain we've been having.

I decided to take advantage of the sun to block Hálfskák:

(Since I couldn't use it for the wedding, I took my time with blocking it.)

How do you like my shawl blocking board (an old sheet and 2 pieces of styrofoam insulation)?

This was the first time I ever blocked a shawl with such a complicated crocheted edging. I'm sure I am doing it wrong. I couldn't quite get all the little loops to stretch out, I ran out of room.

My aunt told me yesterday that she has an old treadle sewing machine in a mahogany-looking cabinet that I could have. It still has the manual, it just has a broken belt (they look pretty easy to replace, based on my google search). So I may take her up on this. It would mean that I could sew in the living room, which would be pretty cool. I keep wanting to work on sewing projects but hate to leave the room where everyone is hanging out.

We went for a drive by the ocean yesterday and Ingi finally understood why I miss living near the ocean. You sometimes forget how much you miss it until it is a beautiful day and you go for a ride near the water.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stealth FO

You know you are a success as a mom when your child says "We are having tofu for dinner. Yay!!!!!"

I finished a few things over the weekend, but the socks and flood were more interesting, so I posted that instead.

I made a pair of pocketbook slippers. They are kind of silly on, but they are still fun. (The kids were trying to figure out what they were when they were sitting on the arm of the chair folded up.)

I didn't do the best sewing up job, but they are kind of cute in a silly way.

I used leftover Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece yarn which was from this sweater.

37 g. of stash yarn used: 6 FO's, 263 g. stash yarn used this year. (Actually it's 7 FO's, but more on the other one later. ;))

Oh, and I bought the latest Interweave Knits today, and with my discount card it came to $6.66. That is kind of creepy.


Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Flood (and not the Rowan design)

It took me two and a half hours to get home from work yesterday, because the main road in town was flooded. Luckily the bridge near me is a bit higher than that, but:

These trees aren't supposed to be under water

Here is an AP photo of the area where it was really flooded. I saw some more impressive things on the way home from work today (the road is not closed now) but it wasn't possible to get a picture, so here's the best I can find:

This is a parking lot that car is coming out of. People on the commuter bus sometimes park there, their cars were under water up to the doors.

So I had plenty of time to work on my socks:

I kind of agree with Anna Jóna that the yarn is a bit busy for the pattern. But I really like the pattern anyway, and I don't think I am too fond of how this Opal Flamingo looks plain knit. Now that I am almost done with one sock, I have this pattern finally in my head. So it's not exactly an easy knit, but it's not that hard either. Just one you have to keep track on.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Does this yarn work with this pattern?

This is the start of an Elfine sock. It is my second foray into toe-up socks. This one uses the Figure 8 cast on, which is kind of challenging to do at first but I really like the toe it makes.

I am wondering if the pattern is too complicated for the yarn. At first, I was thinking it really was, but as I go along, I think maybe it works just fine.

I have to take Ingi to his driver's test now to get his American driver's license. It's kind of funny, he got a letter saying you had to go with a licensed driver, like somehow having driven for 19 years and having an Icelandic license isn't good enough to drive yourself to your own driver's test.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Knitters Intuition

It's funny, when I was knitting this I had this feeling it was a baby sweater, and that first thing was a sleeve. So I was really confused about this part in the pattern that said knit the 22 stitches from the other side... I was thinking it was the first 22 stitches that I had put on a stitchholder. (I feel better that someone else made the same mistake, it's not just me.) I should have just gone with my gut feeling, but without seeing the rest of the pattern, I figured I would just keep going blindly along.

Then I saw the instructions for yesterday morning, and I was pretty sure I was right with this baby sweater thing. I google around and found something very similar that was a baby sweater, and resolved to try doing the 2nd 22 stitches in from the other side as a sleeve. Then when I checked my email at lunchtime, sure enough, someone on the list had come up with the answer being a baby sweater, and here is the original pattern.

Looks much better now, doesn't it?

It used 82 g. of stash yarn which brings me up to 5 FO's, 226 g. stash yarn used this year.

Ingi's friends/ex-bandmates are having a baby this summer, so I may give it to them as a gift. I am really happy with how the sweater came out, and I think I will make this for a baby gift in the future when I need one. It was quick to knit and fun. I haven't decided if I will put buttons or a ribbon to close it.

I love my library. I went there to ask them to borrow No Sheep For You (for tips for knitting for my allergic-to-wool husband) from another library. They said with a new book like that, they would just buy it. So they bought it for me, and I can borrow it when it comes in. I'll be the very first person to borrow it, isn't that so cool?

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

HVAĐ er ţetta????

OK, so I am on day 4 of Sonja's mystery knitalong, and I am starting to think I misread the directions...

What the heck IS this? I was originally thinking maybe a tea cosy, but that's not it. Maybe it's a sweater for a mutant baby with two arms on the same side?

Yarn is some kind of New England yarn that was left over from some project or other. It's really more purple than blue, but the evening outside light decided to make it look blue. I think it may be Bartlettyarns.

I was going to post in process pictures this weekend, but it ended up being very busy. Saturday there were supposed to be four of us doing flower arragements for Easter church, but it ended up just being two of us, so that took all morning. (At least I got tons of compliments on Sunday on how pretty the flowers looked). Then we went to Boston because I need to get my birthday boots

adjusted. Years of dancing, playing soccer, and walking have ensured that I have muscular calves that don't really fit boots (why I didn't think of this when I mail ordered boots is beyond me). Luckily Fluevog has the best customer service EVER. They do a great job of doing any shoe adjustments needed on their shoes. And did you know, you can stretch shoes (as long as they are not purple vegetable dyed boots) with a solution of rubbing alcohol and water, you just spray it on and wear them, and they will stretch!

And of course I had to go to Lush while we were on Newbury Street (sorry Jenna for not getting you anything!), where I got this shampoo bar, it smells like licorice. I think it may be my favourite. It's a tie between that and Seanick.

Now I am reading a library book, The Good Fairies of New York. Neil Gaiman did the intro, and it's really fun (in a cheesy light way) so far.


Friday, April 06, 2007

Dreaming of a White Easter

Well, not really, but it was snowing when I came home from work last night. Luckily, it wasn't enough to stick. And speaking of white...

I got a new fridge! Yay! The company is Fisher-Paykel, and they are out of New Zealand. We think it's really pretty. It took us 4 stores to find a fridge that was: small enough to fit in our spot (although Ingi had to cut the bottom of the cabinet to get it to fit underneath), not stainless, not a Whirlpool (or Maytag or Kitchen-Aid since they are all the same company), and energy efficient. It has a bottom freezer with 2 big drawers and a small drawer for ice trays. It has a lot of space inside. And the shop we got it from let us borrow a fridge until ours came in, which was good because we didn't get it until Wednesday.

..and in the fridge is something else white and good (which the Icelanders will appreciate and the Americans should go to Whole Foods and try):

My Whole Foods was all out of the flavoured ones, but they did have plain skyr.

Also in that picture is the sweater that I restarted, I finished the first sleeve last summer. I remember why I had abandoned it, the lace pattern is just complicated enough to be easy to mess up when one is sleepy, but simple enough that it is kind of boring. The rest of the sweater is mostly ribbing except for the neck, though, so it will make OK commuter knitting or something to work on after a long day at work.

Today I started working on the first piece of the mystery project that is on Sonja's blog. More on that later this weekend.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

WIP it out

So we are back to having chilly weather, maybe snow this week, and I really should finish that lopapeysa if I can figure out how to put it back together, but I went looking for a spring sweater that I had started and put aside, so I dug around through some old UFOs...

These are things that I had gotten stuck on for whatever reason ages ago... the cable sweater I had made a mistake on the first sleeve and was trying to figure out what to do with the second sleeve (make the mistake again to make it match or keep it even)... Donegal (the spiral sweater) I had lost track of where I was so I have to figure out where I was and start it again... I think it's almost to the neck. And the sheep mitten is really cool and I am not sure why I stopped it, so I will have to pick it back up later.

I've been spending a lot of my knitting time reading, it seems, I recently finished Anansi Boys and American Gods and The Painted Bird, all of which were amazing.

Listening to lately: Mates of State and Peter Bjorn and John.