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Friday, June 29, 2007

White Coral Bells

I have a lot of lily of the valley growing in my garden:

So I decided to cut it up and put it in a dye pot:

I cooked it and let it sit overnight. Then I strained out (and discarded) the leaves and put yarn that had been mordanted with alum into the pot. I cooked that for a couple of hours, until it looked ready, then I left it overnight. I washed it out in the morning, and let it dry:

Now I have some pretty yellow sock yarn. Not sure yet what I will use it for.

NOTE: Lily of the valley is highly toxic to eat. I used all separate non-cooking utensils for this project. Some people on the Natural Dyeing list even said not to use it at all, but it's only poisonous for eating, not for touching or breathing. I didn't use gloves to handle it, but I probably should have and then I wouldn't have been so paranoid about washing my hands after.

Today is the first day of Mystery Stole 3. I downloaded the pattern, but have not yet got the yarn I was going to use, so I have to wait. I am SO IMPATIENT! Signups are open for another week if anyone else wants to join it.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

Moominsummer Madness

Every year, one of my university friends has a big midsummer party. I always feel like I am dragging K to this party of crazy people drinking akvavit and eating homemade pickled herring and roast pig. She was really disappointed to miss it. Kids always manage to surprise you. This year, I had to give up going to go to my mother's graduation, she got a second MFA in poetry. This qualifies her to teach poetry classes, instead of just English classes. We drove up to Bennington, Vermont to Bennington College. The graduation was very artsy and non-traditional. We didn't really take any pictures because my stepfather has a much nicer camera. I did take a funny picture at the hotel:

I also managed to finish sewing up my samprjón booties, using some fun vintage buttons I found:

I really like this pattern, it's very cute. It was fun to make too.

On our way back, we went to Hancock Shaker Village, a historical museum based on a religious community that used to be there. It was really interesting, it's a neat trip. Of course, we noticed all the sheep were hiding in the corner and there were no sheep/wool products in their shop. It was still fun though. Then we saw Wilco play at the Pines theatre. The Dadillac decided to have a relay break on the way home, so it beeped at us all the way back. It was still a fun weekend.

When we got home, I got a package from Pixie Riot. I won some stitch markers from her in a contest, they are very cool and glam...and she sent a really fun package:

She has some neat hand-dyed yarn that she is selling, check her out.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Hitt og ţetta

I have been working on the latest sock from Six Sock Knitalong, the Victorian Lace Sock.

I used my purchase from MA Sheep & Wool, it is yarn from Foxfire Fiber. I really liked this yarn, it's slightly different shades of green, just what I was looking for. I love the colourful sock yarns but I keep liking this intricate patterns that look awful with it.

I went to the hardware store today to get ingredients for a recipe for preserving wood, so I can make a garden box like Hilde's. The shopkeeper was helping me find what I needed. "I need paraffin," I said, and he showed it to me. Next to it were canning lids, which I needed to make rhubarb jam since the new lids I had been storing had gotten rusted, so I picked up a box. "Ok, now where is the mineral spirits (paint thinner)?" The hardware store guy stops and looks at me and says, "What kind of recipe are you making???" I had to explain that these were 2 separate recipes. ;)

Ingi's friend posted this link on his blog, it's a Norwegian comedy show making fun of the Danish language, it's really hysterical.

This weekend we bought 30 records (yes, vinyl) for $10. Most of them are kind of gag ones like Mickey Mouse Disco and The Coast Guard Academy Singers. But we got some fun weird finds, like old Elvis albums and Let It Be. And for the price of a movie ticket, it is way more entertaining to listen to all these silly things. We told K we would put all the Coast Guard songs on her iPod, and she didn't seem to protest too much. ;)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Oh, Deer

Every morning, I go make coffee and get a glass of orange juice and drink my juice while reading emails. This morning, I looked out the window and I saw a black-tailed deer. Sadly, I don't have a decent camera, so I couldn't get a picture. Which is really too bad, because they aren't from around here, they are from the other side of the country. Because of this, I emailed a guy from the Audobon Society, and he told me he has NEVER heard of one of these deer being in my state. This deer was definitely one of these deer, he had the long, black-striped tail, I noticed it because he was different from any deer I ever saw. The theory the Audobon Society guy had was this deer had escaped from a local zoo. I tried asking them, but it wasn't their deer. Now I am horribly curious.

I have actually been doing some knitting. Last weekend was the third samprjón. I guessed the correct answer, which is Saartjes Bootees, but when I emailed Sonja to guess, I stupidly managed to delete the actual text of the guess. (Not sure how that happened!) Anyway, I think Marit guessed first anyway. ;)

I knit them in Rowan Cotton Cashsoft, which is really lovely yarn and I want to make every baby gift ever out of it. It is cotton, angora, and cashmere. This pattern is a fun knit, I struggled with figuring out the long-tail cast-on, but finally Jenna showed me how. So now I have to make the second bootie (actually almost done) and then sew them together.

Regarding my sweater mishap from the last post, I have not ripped it yet. It occurred to me that it is cotton, and cotton sometimes has a way of growing in the wash. I have to go find my swatch or make a new one, and see what washing is going to do to this sweater before I decide how to handle it.

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Fitting Woes

I've been knitting long enough to know better. Part of the problem is that my tape measures seem to have all run off with the gypsies. Or whomever it is that tape measures run off with. At any rate, I thought this sweater seemed to be long enough, until I finished the lace bit (the really complicated lace chart bit that took days) and realized the sweater didn't measure the number of cm it was supposed to. No problem, I thought. Well, let me just pretend to try it on (since it's kind of hard to try on without a back attached to it), so I draped it over myself.

Time to rip...

Oh well.... think this sweater is getting put away for a few weeks until I can bear to look at it again.

To end on a cheerier note, I saw this tea cozy today, wouldn't it be cool to make something like that?

Today is my husband's birthday so I am off to finish cooking dinner, if the meat is finished thawing.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Roses grow

(Bonus points for anyone who recognizes the song title)

It's been a crazy week, so I've been knitting but have had no time to photograph knitting, and am sharing a shot of my roses which suddenly budded and opened over the last few days. There are also a few flax plants flowering near them, as well as my lavender all budding. This is such a fun time of year.

So instead I will share a few fun things. I just finished reading Love is a Mix Tape. This is probably my favourite book in a while. It's an autobiography, and is both hysterically funny and sad and poignant. It will make you appreciate all the loved ones in your life. Each chapter starts with a mix tape song list, and it actually made me want to try and reconstruct those mix tapes... although I didn't (and anyway, some of the songs are kind of scary).

My other favourite thing these days is the album Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer by Of Montreal. It's just truly brilliant. He is just an amazing lyricist, and the songs are catchy and weird. I think Bunny Ain't No Kind of Rider is my favourite song of the album.

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