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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Harry Pottering Along

I finally finished clue #1 of the Mystery Stole. Now I am just three and a half clues behind. I thought I would make some headway this week, but I finally got my Harry Potter book.

Yesterday when I was getting my coffee I saw a lady pushing a baby carriage down the sidewalk with a bird cage inside and a grey parrot perched on the handle.


Friday, July 20, 2007

New Hampshire

Last weekend, we went up to Concord, New Hampshire to see Okkervil River play. We stayed in the fabulous Centennial Inn. It is a beautiful Victorian, redecorated in a classic modern style. Our room was beautiful. The food was excellent, and reasonably priced. The bathroom had Gilchrist & Soames soap, shampoo, AND conditioner. And of course, the concert was fun.

I had joined the Mystery Stole 3 Knitalong, but I didn't have any shawl yarn. So I decided to order Kauni Effektgarn (the theme is black, white, or grey, so I chose the black and greys colourway). I ordered it from Astrid's Dutch Obsessions. Astrid is amazingly sweet, she has great customer service. And she gave me chocolate in the order, this is always a plus.

Anyway. The KAL started 4 weeks ago, but my yarn had not yet arrived. Saturday we stopped at the post office on the way out of town, and what should be there but:

What choice did I have but wind it in the car (yes, I was only a passenger). The people driving by must have found me very entertaining.

Now I had a yarn basketball. This is like I don't know 200g of yarn or something.

The design called for optional beads. I wasn't sure about wearing a beaded shawl, but I never tried knitting with beads and wanted to try it out. I started it in the hotel room while Ingi was resting. I wasn't really thrilled by the look of the rough natural-looking wool with the beads. He even said "It looks too fake." So out went the beads.

Now I have 4 weeks of shawl to catch up on. I am almost done with the first week's clue.

Sonja has another samprjón coming out, so I have all kinds of projects in process and in the wings. I have another almost finished project with the Polygonum Persicaria stripey yarn to show soon.

While we were in New Hampshire, I bought an Yma Sumac record. It's from the 50's, but it's still playable. That woman has an amazing voice.

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