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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

April Cornell

The other day, I was cooking supper and was wearing an April Cornell dress and spilled whatever I was cooking (it involved grease) all over my pretty dress. So I decided I needed an apron.

I found this free "pattern" (it's more like a set of instructions). I happened to have some pretty stash fabric that had been intended for some gift project that I never made years ago, so I sewed myself an apron.

I'll take some closer photos later once Ingi installs the nice hook thing we bought in New Hampshire from the League of NH Craftsmen. But right now he's sanding and refinishing the floor in the above photo.

Now, back to April Cornell. There used to be this shop at the mall near me. I loved their sort of vintage-style clothes, nice soft cotton fabrics, retro designs and fabric, it was a little pricey but nice. So one Christmas (a few years ago) my mother gave me a gift certificate for them. When I finally got around to going to the mall (I avoid the mall like the plague), the shop was gone. So after some sleuthing, I discovered that they were filing for bankruptcy! I was extremely miffed, it was basically like they robbed my mother, selling a gift certificate when they were planning on filing. So I joined the case as a creditor. A few weeks ago I got a letter, saying the case was dismissed, and went to their website and saw lo and behold they have a new internet presence. So I called and asked "What can I do with this gift certificate?" They converted it to an electronic one, and I bought some stuff. I may return the dress I ordered, I'm not thrilled with how it fits, it's kind of too big. Anyway. I'm still happy to get my Christmas present from a year and a half or is it two and a half years. And I am happy that they are still making clothes.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


It's ironic, because I have a pile of finished things that I haven't been able to photograph. When there is decent sunlight, I'm busy, and my digital camera is crappy enough to not photograph things well if it's not bright out.

I finished the Elfine socks the other week, and I even wore them last week when it got a bit colder again. But so far these are the best pictures I was able to take:

If I can get a chance, maybe I will do better photos later. Also, they used stash yarn too and I forgot how much. It's kind of funny to have small feet. I did these socks kind of short (but not too short) and I used just over half a ball of Opal.

I got the new album, 23, by Blonde Redhead. I really like this album, better than their last. The title track has guitar which sounds like Kevin Shields.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Stealth FO

You know you are a success as a mom when your child says "We are having tofu for dinner. Yay!!!!!"

I finished a few things over the weekend, but the socks and flood were more interesting, so I posted that instead.

I made a pair of pocketbook slippers. They are kind of silly on, but they are still fun. (The kids were trying to figure out what they were when they were sitting on the arm of the chair folded up.)

I didn't do the best sewing up job, but they are kind of cute in a silly way.

I used leftover Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece yarn which was from this sweater.

37 g. of stash yarn used: 6 FO's, 263 g. stash yarn used this year. (Actually it's 7 FO's, but more on the other one later. ;))

Oh, and I bought the latest Interweave Knits today, and with my discount card it came to $6.66. That is kind of creepy.